Monday, March 7, 2022

What's Cooking in Rug Hooking

First of all, March winds have been very high, and when parking beside another car one must hold the door to ensure it doesn't hit and dent the next car.  Just hope others are as thoughtful when they park beside me.  So decided it was time to bring out the rug Windy Day, a pattern found on W.Cushing.
A Dancing Rabbit finish I've been waiting for is from Kitty with the polka dot rabbits.
More new wabbit wugs have come in and here is one hooked by Beth.  Actually she has a hooked version, which she says will go on top of an old picnic basket ... 
..and a needle punch version; you've been busy gal.
Naomi is hooking a whole family of rabbits.  Had to laugh at a comment she made when saying her brain goes right to the Grateful Dead dancing bears and this is her adaptation.   But despite that I think it would make 
an adorable rug for a child's room.
Nancy has been working on her background and creative border so it won't be long before she's completely done.  
Laurel finished hooking her rabbits and says she's thinking of doing a mix of colors for the background.  Can't wait to see what she does.
What great imaginations you rug hookers have.  Amazing to see how ordinary rabbits can take on a personality all their own.  Happy Hooking.



  1. LOL...I remember you hooking "Windy Day!" I loved it then and I love it now. And you read my mind about the wabbits.... Three (well, 3+) rabbits...a very simplistic design...has been the perfect canvas to showcase the myriad of creativity and individuality of the people hooking them. I thought I would be glad that I waited to do my rug "sometime" so I could see all these and decide what colors, etc. I wanted to do. Nuh uh....Now I want to do a dozen of them LOL. Bad choice et!!

  2. Windy day sure was the weather for us yesterday here in Michigan. A perfect rug to bring out for March. I agree with Robin...I could do many versions of Dancing Rabbits seeing what others are doing. I have decided to add something to my rabbits once steamed. I forgot my wool yesterday, so no hooking at the store. :-( Lighting in my house at night is way to hard for me to hook, so not sure when I will be able to work on mine again. I hope I dont slow things down. Janice

  3. So many rugs, I've lost count. All beautiful and unique and so much creativity and the bunnies keeps coming. After all, Easter isn't until April 17Th.

    It's been raining and snowing and raining again today and light freezing rain during the night. Thank goodness it's not windy.


  4. I just can't keep up with your blogging. I missed the update. What fun rugs. Everyone is doing such a fine job. Those polka dots are too cute.
    Windy Days. Yessiree. I thought we were going to blow away the other day.
    Only 12 more days until spring ;-)

  5. LOL. The update was on the previous post. I am losing it...sigh.

  6. Windy Day is perfect for us too ...last night sounded like a train was coming thru for a few minutes ! Was scary ! Today it is still very windy , no walking today , the other day on the bike path where I walk it was very windy , a runner ran by me & said , Hope We Don't End Up in OZ !!! Today , I certainly would !!! LOL

    Love the polka dot Bunnies !!! And The Grateful Dead !!! They are all so cute !!! Cute idea to put on top of a picnic basket !!! So many great ideas for these happy bunnies !!!

    Ok ...time to Hook my Heart out !!!

  7. Love all the bunnies!!!!oh🏔my,,,Great, great ideas,,,,

    Love UR Windy day!!!
    Some spring rugs are bringing joy!!!!

  8. I still love Windy Day! I got mine out too. I am binding my rug. We haven't had wind yet. I love that polka dot bunnies. I just love seeing all of the talent here.


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