Sunday, March 13, 2022

Vintage Rug Show Time (with some wabbits)

If not hooking an antique adaptation the next best thing is to look at them.  Perusing on-line auction houses is where I get my inspiration and future projects.  Let's take a look, shall we?

Bet this Red Blossoms hooked rug was stunning at one time.  Hooked 1900 it measures 19.5 x 32.
Another Floral in an Urn was hooked 1900's measures 30 x 39.5.  I love it when the background, in this case the border, has blotchy colors.
This is the view of the back and I'm not sure if that is a label or a patched area.  The colors do seem to be a little more crisp than the faded front.
A Cat and Dog rug hooked late 19th early 20th century with a puzzle piece looking border, a good alternative to a hit and miss border.  It measures 38.5 x 59.
Dainty spray of flowers with dimensions of 40 x 45.
A landscape with farmers tilling a field.  It was hooked early 20th century and measures 29 x 42.  This is the front and you can see it has a braided border.
I love it when they show the back and this one doesn't seem to have much fading at all.  Yet it appears to have repairs to extend the rug's life.
Dove and flowers was hooked early 20th century and measures 26 x 50.  I'm definitely attracted to this one too; probably because of the soft border plus that blotchy background inside.
An early hooked bird eating cherries from New England area hooked 19th century and measuring 17 x 29.  Those colors appeal to me.

And now to my favorite subject, the horse.  I find this one very interesting.  I'm wondering if those shoes and heart is the equal to the symbolic riderless horse.  Am also wondering what the red and white design above the horse is.  Was said to be hooked 1870 but don't know dimensions.
Had just two dancing rabbits photos submitted; one was from Chris.  She said she purchased the chair pad pattern on etsy and she hooked it with wool yarn.  
Also borrowed stole this photo from a posting Lauren did.  She's almost done and probably by the time I publish this post it will be.  BTW, she said the star was hooked with #9.5 wool strip.  Perfectly shaped star!
Happy hooking.



  1. Dang it...she's making me want to hook a patriotic version. And that perfect star bugs the crap out of me LOL. As for the golden oldies, my favorite is the bird w/ the cherries. The horse is odd.... You do know that I will be puzzling over those shoes all night. I don't suppose it could be anything so simple as horseshoes?? Nah...never mind. ~Robin~

  2. Hooking a chair mat was a grand idea! The red in the middle of the horse reminded me of an oar. Its always interesting to see what other hooked, especially the old ones. Janice

  3. I would be interested in knowing how rug hookers planned their rugs in those days. They lived with families close by and most families were large families and they didn't had the inspiration we have with all what is available on the internet and quick travel and TV, etc. They lived simple but busy lives yet they created some unique designs. Now people are trying to imitate them. It's ironic isn't it? It must be that the simple life is better after all.

    Patriotic Lauren is almost at the finish line. I would like to know how she got that star so darn pointy with a 9.5 cut...

    Great idea on a chair pad dancing bunnies.

    Hope your storm fizzled out like ours did. We mostly got rain and a light coat of snow with heavy wind.

    Stay well,
    Hugs, Julia

  4. I love your antique rug shows. I like the dainty flowers the best, browns, blues and reds in a rug are my favs.

  5. Great show! I like the puzzle background but you probably knew I would :-)

  6. Beautiful old rugs. And the rabbit mats! Wow! Over the weekend, I decided to join in the Dancing Rabbit challenge. I’ll send a photo soon.

  7. Love all the antique mats,,,,
    Sweet bunny chairman,,,with yarn!!!love that look!!
    And Lauren bunnies are so perfect!!!
    Thanks !!!

  8. Not sure if this comment got through using Safari, trying the other browser.

    That horse reminds me of the middle ages armor, and with a couple of other bits, maybe the rug is about the person's ancestry? The bird with cherries - I like the design, but the lines down the whole bird are off-putting to me. I know, reality isn't the point! Love the bunnies.

  9. Thanks for the show.
    Love the chair pad bunnies. Normally I am not a fan of yarn hooking, but that one is sweet.
    Sadly still not done with my bunnies...sigh.

  10. Love your rug shows , fun to see them !
    The Bunny chair pad is so cute & neat idea !!!
    And Just Love Lauren's Flag & that Star !!!

  11. I do love that star, I will have to draw out that a star design and follow that tutorial just to see if I can do it. I love all of these gorgeous antique rugs. So pretty. I do love the one with the farm scene.
    I hope you have a lovely Tuesday.


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