Wednesday, March 30, 2022

April Rug Camp and Other 'Stuff'

Three days and a wake up I'll be on my way to Maryland Shores Rug Camp in a class with Cindy Irwin.   The class was cancelled 2020, again 2021 and now finally 2022 it is a go.  I'm still planning to hook a monochromatic piece of my mother as a young woman holding a fishbowl.  Since I chose to do this in 2020 and knowing how fickle I am, have surprised myself that I'm still gung-ho to hook it.
I drew the pattern measuring 13.5 x 16 and this morning wondered if I should draw another pattern a tad larger.  In looking at the pattern critically think I can endure whatever narrow cuts it requires in some places and still use #8 cut in some areas.  The narrow cut strips in the baggie I inherited from a friend's mother who was a rug hooker.  Cindy will be bringing more sepia colored wool to supplement whatever I need.
Is it spring....duh, global warming?  Really?  The calendar says it is spring but January temperatures have been below freezing during the night and only reached 35 one day.  Which meant my propane heat kicked in for many hours during several days = $$$$.  The weather presents another problem ~ what the heck do I pack to wear at camp?  I'll wait until Friday to print out a 10 day forecast, then check it again to begin packing on Saturday for the Sunday departure.  Probably with some last minute additions or withdrawals if the forecast changes.

Have you ever seen a rain phenomenon?   I took the photo below on the 18th of this month and still a small continuous dripping of water from the heavens continues.  Mind you we've had a day of rain, snow flurries yet this strange phenomenon still exists.
I captured it in a video previously in 2018 and that one happened behind me about 2 feet away from the one in the photo above.  You can see that blog post HERE.  Wonder what causes this phenomenon and how strange it occurs in a close proximity to a previous experience.  Any of my loyal readers have family or friend who is a meteorologist or scientist who can provide me a simple explanation?

Happy hooking m'lovelies.  



  1. Oh your hooking project will be fun to see ! I would be afraid to do a monochromatic design ....what a pretty design it will be of your Mother !
    Hopefully the weather will be beautiful for you and Rug Camp ! Only 2 more days & you will be there !!! So exciting & fun for you !!!! If we don't hear from you just have a Wonderful Time & take lots of pictures !!!!
    And the rain spots , those are weird !

  2. Cannot wait to see your mom's tribute rug! Don't know what your weather is doing, but once driving at night during a thunderstorm it was raining frogs. I actually moved to the side of the road because I did not want to hit any. It was the strangest thing. My mom was with me, so I had a witness. Janice

  3. I am so looking forward to seeing the progress on that rug! Lucky you getting away with other hookers.

  4. I'm excited for you...and for seeing this beautiful photograph come to life in wool with the touch of your artful hands. But, yikes...that's a tiny rug to capture all that...I know, I know....the fine cuts will be necessary for detail and shading...but still yikes. As for the rain, yup, I have experienced it...and have read of instances where it (supposedly) rained even indoors....but, nope, can't explain it. Heck, I can't even explain those weird "mini tornadoes" or whirlwinds that pop up here at least once each summer or fall...even though folk far smarter than me have explained it to me LOL. ~Robin~

  5. The new rug looks like quite a challenge but I'm sure you'll do a great job. Looking forward to seeing the progress too. Have fun.

  6. That will be a really cool rug. I am glad your rug camp is almost here. I have experienced such weird weather here. We do get rain, where it will just rain in one spot in our yard. I just thought it was something that happened in California, I read the article you posted. Very interesting. I remember as a little girl, with my Mom and it was snowing in one part of our yard. No place else. I kept asking why it wasn't snowing any place else, and she didn't know. I remember how weird it was, because it doesn't snow here only once in a blue moon. Have a very nice time.

  7. Wow!!!that's going to be a beautiful mat,,,,
    Have fun,,,,I am sure you will!!!

  8. Yay for rug camp! And sooo looking forward to seeing the fishbowl rug. That is going to be amazing. And oooh aaah, what a fascinating rain patch / shadow spot.


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