Friday, August 5, 2022

Antique Rug Show Time

I've made a little headway on whipping the edge of Cottage and Apple Tree and pulled more loops on Deer and Blue house but figure you'd rather see some old rugs instead an update of the same ol' same ol'.   

Don't have a date on the Brown Dog rug but do have measurements of 23 x 45.    
A view of the back where you can see how the hole in the bottom of the rug was camouflaged, not repaired.  Also you can see the original colors which had faded.
It may be a simple rug with 31 Primitive Stars but I'm really liking it!!  Could be a 'plus one' to have on the side lines ~ oh, that's right I've the Comstock rug.  It was said to be circa 1900 by Pook and Pook.
Next is Doves with flower basket hooked 19th century and located in Pennsylvania.  It measures 27 x 41.  
The rug looks in very good shape and you'd never know it had been repaired unless you flip it over.
Look at this gorgeous E.S. Frost Eagle circa 1870.  This beauty measures 35 x 63.5.
This free style rug is so endearing and wonder if it was a story rug made by Ruth Schumm late 19th century.  Or if a sailor made it for his love Ruth Schumm while at sea?  It measures 23.5 x 33.  But couldn't be made by a sailor for his woman Ruth, otherwise why the hell a skunk would be in the middle of the design??  Antique rugs sure do give me thought.
Happy Friday to you worker bees who are now probably enjoying your choice of libation.  And happy hooking to you folks who, like me, can't stand the heat and humidity of the outside so staying inside to hook.  

Oh wait, not all of us are happy hookers, right Lauren?  You poor gal is one of those worker bees still on the clock.  Hope you are freed soon of that ball and chain and your reward is lots of moola to bring home from Sauder. 



  1. Wow , the Eagle rug is Huge !!! Funny skunk in Ruth Schumm rug , wonder if it was her pet ??? Dove with Flower Basket & Stars are beauties !!!
    I have had enough of this Heat & Humidity !!!! UGH !!!!

  2. Thanks for the show!
    In two weeks, Sauder will be just a memory. It sure did get here quickly. Hopefully I will make enough $$ to support my hooking habit for quite a while...and maybe buy an antique or two ;-)

  3. Actually, I am not tired of seeing Cottage and Apple Tree and Deer and Blue House, but it's always fun to look at the old ones. I tried to resist choosing a favorite, but the Eagle Rug is just so wonderful, so it gets my vote for sure.

  4. I can't believe how fine the cuts of some of these old rugs. The eagle and the birds rugs are impressive. I love them both. It's been hot here too and I have the cool river air coming in and have fans everywhere to move the air.

    I identify as a worker bee and I'm thankful for the rug show just to change the scenery.
    I have veggies and preserves constantly before me. The gardens are being very productive this year, except the beans which were chewed up by the deers but are making a comeback. I wish I had some libation right now but I have to go finish putting up a batch of cucumbers to brine.

    Thanks for the rug show. My rest period is finished for now.

    As usual,

  5. The eagle is quite a statement piece, but I love that stinking little skunk smack in the middle of the last rug. (As I child, I beg and pleaded for my parents to let me have either a pet skunk or a pet chimp...hmmm, don't know why they refused.) Chilly here today. Only 70.... ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)


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