Sunday, August 7, 2022


When to use these words:  antique adaptation, inspired by or my design?  I'll give you a few examples.  The first photo of a small mat was inspired by the style of Magdalena Briner Eby and named it Crow Magdalena Style.
The following rug named "Gossip" was designed by Bill Laraway and my friend hooked the feathered friends as Bill designed it.
I wasn't so enthusiastic about hooking the feathered non-bird motifs (turkey, rooster, swan, owl) so I took creative license to draw my own birds.
I cannot claim this to be my design just because I changed and redrew a few things.  This is how my label reads; yeah hard to read but I included a photo of the original design by Bill Laraway.
Another good example is the design by Nola Heidbreder named Golden in the Garden and here is a photo of the original linen.
Again I didn't want to hook the Golden I wanted to hook a Rottweiler to represent my boy Ben.  Tho my drawn perspective and hooking of the head isn't a very good representation of my handsome boy, I know who it is.  
Okay, so you're thinking that because these patterns were drawn by someone else that's why I give credit to them?  So what if I draw a pattern on my own linen?  Dear departed Barb Carroll authored a book with several free to draw patterns.
In that book is a design named July Cabin and here is the original photo from the book.  You can see there are flags on the trees instead of leaves.
I drew my version with leaves, added more stars, lowered the smoke at a different angle to reduce the height of the rug and eliminated the cat on the roof.  Yet I still cannot call this my design ~ it is still Barb Carroll's July Cabin and labeled as such.
Ah, you're thinking because these are modern day designers that's why I can't take credit, right?  So what about antique rugs whether a purchased pattern or you draw it yourself?  When I draw an antique design I usually name it how the auction house described it.  Or if the designer is known, such as a Magdalena design, I give her credit on my label and on my blog.  My last two Magdalena rugs were Magdalena's Rooster, Duck and Horse....
..and Magdalena's Bird Dog.  Both of which I've given Magdalena credit for the design and say it is 'an antique adaptation'.  I'd show you the labels but the rugs are on the wall.
However I do have a photo of other labels I'd made so you can see what they say.  Notice on the Mighty Whale and Posies and Stars I indicate they are antique adaptations but designer unknown.
When I hook antique designs I am not trying to pass them off as antiques but rather an adaptation of an antique and indicate that on the label.  With Deer and Blue House rug if I were to remove the antlers of the buck I still cannot in good conscience say it was my design.  It was a design by someone else even if I don't know that person's name and even tho it was originally hooked 1920.  Therefore a label for this rug will indicate it is an antique adaptation and NOT designed by me.  I may have drawn it and offer as a pattern, but is not my design.
See how I snuck in an updated photo of my present project?  I almost changed the color of the antlers but decided to keep how it started.  Before moving to another motif I'd like to get one row of dark around the buck and the thin light outline completed.  Am going to change the blades of grass colors below him too.

Happily hooking inside today as it is another hot as hades day outside.



  1. I really like your labels! What a wonderful way to do that. I really need to label my rugs. When I sold them I did, but not the ones I have in my cupboard. I think our thunderheads are gone today so its a bit cooler, but not much. Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. Your labels are great . I have never written where I live though , nice added touch ! Your new hooking project will be another Beauty !!!
    It's been so hot here our thermometer that has a part outside & the other part inside the house got Fried ! The batteries couldn't take the heat !!!!
    Hopefully just one more day of this !!!!

  3. Your labels are professionally made. I still haven't tried making my own labels. Shame on me...

    There is always lots to learn here on your blog. I only did one adaptation once on my cow rug. It was my first rug. It was patterned from an old cotton mat that was fraying badly and I embellished the wide border which was missing on the original weaved rug. The cow had different markings and her tail also was in a different position. Then I realized that I could design my own patterns and it gave me more satisfaction.

    It's hot and muggy here and no A/C but lots of fans.

    Stay cool.

  4. such a great design. I am so bad at labeling my rugs I try and then it falls by the wayside.

  5. Whew...for a while there I was afraid you were going to take me into the land of copyright law...a land of which I am not particularly fond. My foray into the land of rug labels didn't last very long. Sigh. And the ones I did do (only one of which actually got sewn on) are not near as charming as yours. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  6. I totally love your labels and the way you honour the original designers. Two thumbs up

  7. Your new rug is looking good. I have always liked your labels with images and details. Especially appreciate your credit where credit is due approach to hooking. I try to do that with anything I create. Unfortunately not all "designers" have respect for others. Currently I am switching to hooking my own designs to keep to myself and other designers work to share and sell.

  8. Thank you! Im always learning something from you and appreciate it! Love your labels with all the information. your current rug is coming along great!

  9. Great post!
    I have always loved your labels...especially when you include a picture.

  10. Your posts are great as are your labels, I always learn something, sending a thank you of appreciation.

    1. Linda, sorry I can't reply directly to you You are a No-Reply blogger) and don't know if you'll drop by to see this response to you. Thank you for the very kind words.


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