Sunday, August 14, 2022


A few posts ago I introduced you to Louisa Creed from the UK who hooked only with clothing consisting of stretchy knits and velvet; anything with a give to it.  Now I'd like to introduce her husband Lewis. 

According to an article in a 2001 issue of RHM she cuts the fabric 1-3" wide.  You may have read that article which was copied and pasted in that previous post.  Here is a rug hooked by Louisa in 1997 of Lewis and Louisa making rugs which measures 34 x 52.
Lewis didn't start hooking until about 10 years after Louisa but he still managed to produce many rugs.  First up is named Baby Scarecrow and is a cute rug.  The scarecrow doesn't seem to have scared off many crows.
A Puffin.
Wonder if the rug named Buttons is an adaptation of their dog?
and wonder the same about Cyril with the ball.
The following few rugs were also hooked by Lewis ~  Rooster and Hen.
Rabbit at Dusk, 
Australian Green Tree Frog,
the Flying Parrot and others not yet posted.
But before ending this post thought I'd show a few more cat rugs hooked by Louisa for those feline fondlers (you know who I'm referring to).  This is Samuel, Rosie's half brother.
Horace, another half brother of Rosie. 
I love this following piece hooked by Louisa titled Paws and Knobs.
There are many more cat rugs (and other subjects) by Louisa which I've not shown and more rugs hooked by Lewis.  

Yesterday and today have been delightful outside, even chilly  in the morning ~ I'm not complaining tho.  So bad on me for not taking advantage of the nice temps to work outside.  Hope you have a delightful Sunday and happy hooking.



  1. I got curious and googled the names of Louisa and Lewis Creed for fun and saw lots of photos of their rugs.
    Thanks again for bringing us another prolific rug hooker and her husband. Rags are much cheaper and more available than wool. I don't know if I could change over from wool to stretching knit and velvet , however.

    Today is my do nothing day. It's raining and I'm resting my poor hip.

  2. What fun rugs! We are still in the hundreds. I am ready for some cool days and nights. How nice that it was a husband and wife team. I hope you have a nice Sunday.

  3. Thats neat that the husband hooked along with his wife ! I wonder if they thought one could hook better designs than the other ? I would not want to hook with only stretchy fabric though ....a fun post !
    This nice refreshing weather has felt wonderful !!!
    Happy Hooking !!!

  4. Oooo....I love that last rug to pieces! Interesting know what they say about a couple that hooks together? Yeah, neither do I. 😜 The past few days have been dang chilly here...all dang day. I think I am going to beak down and turn on the heat. My poor plants are being neglected because I can't bring myself to water. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow...a/k/a your favorite feline fondler)

  5. Wonderful hooked rugs. So love seeing those hooked by a gentleman. They are cretive too! Janice

  6. such fun rugs and how wonderful her husband hooked also.
    we have wonderful weather I spent the better part of yesterday outside.

  7. Lewis is (was?) an amazing hooker, too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Lewis and Louisa just touch my heart! That rug seems to be their masterpiece! How wonderful that they shared a love for this art.


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