Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Age Old Question

You know that age old trick question..."if a tree falls in the woods and you didn't hear it, did it make a sound?"  So I've got a real true to life question ~  If you can no longer see your pond is it really gone?
The answer is no.  Doesn't mean the entire pond is gone because it was a large pond using large pieces.  
I woke up in the middle of last night thinking about all that needed to be done here.  So despite the nearly 90* temps this morning decided I'd better start disposing of the pond's  carcass.

After I removed the rocks (remember those posts?), and transplanted flowers from inside the corners to the yard.  And even after the men removed wood framing this very heavy liner remained.  The backhoe pulled it and debris remaining inside to the back of the shed.  

There were 3 sandbags left, several bricks, a few rocks which had fallen inside during the pond's life and decomposed leaves.  The wooden T shape is the result of a fight the backhoe had with the end of my clothesline pole and the backhoe won.  A neighbor has since put in a new one for me.
A sideview look. 
Below are 3 sections which when put into my dumpster filled it up more than halfway.   After the trash is picked up tomorrow I'll cut more for pick up next week.
Wonder what work guilt will keep me awake tonight?   Needless to say a whole lot of loops weren't pulled today.  And my back hurts from the work because.....I got sidetracked and had to lift and toss tree limbs into the woods.  You know, that attention deficit syndrome thing?

Also the back deck needs to be power washed and sealed.  I have the stuff to wash it and plan to do that myself.  If I can borrow a sprayer I'll also seal the deck but hope to get my grandson to do that for me and bribe him with pay.

Am going to enjoy a glass or two of vino and hook this evening and not do yard work tomorrow.  Happy hooking.



  1. Well woman, I can't tell you to take it easy because I don't listen to you when you tell me to behave. lol... That stuff looks quite heavy. You're getting done slowly but surely. My deck needs replacing and my husband was supposed to have it done two years ago and it's still not done. Sigh...

    Two glass of vino and pulling loops happily sound good to me.

  2. Gee....I hope I'm not wearing off on you with those guilt and AADD things. I have so much to take care of here that even the few times I might be able to sleep, I don't. Today was a beautiful day (albeit windy) day for working outside but me? Nah, I was working on furnace issues. (Long, long, story...but, let's just say that a roommate totally messed up the filter replacements (or shall we say the person who the roommate hired did) and I've no clue which filter is actually correct as the one that was in there isn't the same as the replacement that was by the furnace that I replaced the old one with....many calls and it is still not resolved. Why do even the smallest things have to be so difficult??? 🙁 ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  3. Wow , you did a lot of tough yard work ...Enjoy those Big glasses of Wine !!!

  4. Oy! You don't tackle little projects do you? It will feel good when you put that last piece in the trash. It's amazing how things like that linger.

  5. I am sure you will enjoy pulling those loops more after the remains of the pond are gone. We all have those jobs that just seem to keep getting pushed back.

  6. You must have muscles in your muscles! Great work! Now it’s time to play with loops. My rug is getting a bit boring as I’m doing background.

  7. Ugh! The joys of home ownership ;-(
    Always something needing attention that takes away from our play time.

  8. You made me tired just reading about what you did. I finally finished weeding my front garden. Need more plants in there to keep the weeds at bay, but that will be next year. Hopefully now you can get some hooking in. Janice


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