Monday, August 29, 2022


My new attitude toward this unsavory project will be one of Devil may care.  The last few times I've put it back on the frame I haven't cared one iota what shape or size the wool strip is as long as it is the right color.  I just want the dang thing done by the end of the year.  Sometimes I think I'd rather be binding a rug instead of hooking this.  Now you know that's say'n something.  For you newbie followers if you don't know what I'm referring to you can check out this older blog post HERE.  

This is the Comstock rug before it is put back in the bag and imprisonment again.  Don't know how long she will be there.
Getting ready for a more fun-filled afternoon working on the Deer rug again.   That date is waiting for me so I gotta go....tata.  Happy Hooking.




  1. I for one think Mary looks great, but I am not as anal, shall we say, as you and an antique

  2. Like sissy dearest, I think Mary is looking wonderful. I vote for releasing her for time served and good behavior and keeping her on the frame. Or maybe work on her in the morning and your "fun" hook evenings?? (I am understanding you hook all hours of the day?? Me, only after 9 pm....something about hooking during the day that doesn't sit well with me.) 😂 ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  3. I agree with Lauren. I think it looks fabulous! Janice

  4. I think you are doing an amazing job. Happy Hooking

  5. I agree with all the comments, Saundra but I think you're hooking some bad vibes into this rug. lol...You need to mellow down with a few glass of good wine before pulling any loops. Maybe put some good old time music on and go with the flow of the moment and at least, try to enjoy some of the work. It's looking good no matter what. My two cent worth...


  6. I love it! Now I’ve said it and I’m sticking to it! Julia has some great ideas!

  7. Darn I forgot to identify myself. Hilltop post!


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