Saturday, August 20, 2022


Finally the Mary Comstock rug was released from hibernation and is/was on my frame for another small dose of work.  There's only so much I can tolerate while working on this rug yet am determined to finish it before the end of the year.  Am afraid if completion gets dragged out beyond that it may never see the light of day, ever.  Here is what it looks like before succumbing to the depths of hibernation again.
If you'd like to see the previous post on the rug and compare progress, you can find it HERE.  Already I notice things I'll change next time IF I remember but I'm not putting it back on my frame now.  Instead will happily put Deer and Blue House on the frame and hook the evening away.

Happy weekend, heat and humidity is back and rain is supposed to happen the next two days, or so the weatherman says. 



  1. Looking good to me,,,,You are Determined!
    Take care,,,,

  2. Kinda like eating your veggies before getting treated to dessert, eh? You are making fine progress though. Before you know it, those veggies will be done. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  3. I can sympathize with you on this rug although, I think it looks wonderful in my eyes, but I know, altered designs are difficult to work with. Some veggies taste better than others, lol...


  4. Hope you can continue to get this design done !!! You will have to reward your self with a special treat when you pull that last loop !!! Chocolate & Chocolate ,and some ice cream ! Forget the healthy Veggies !!!
    Hope we get a good soaking rain here tomorrow !

  5. Mary is looking good no matter what you think.
    Deer and Blue House is wonderful, too ;-)

  6. I also like Mary. Also I need to put my animal cracker rug back on my own frame. Have not hooked it in months. UGH but first I need to finish my Christmas decor for the the store. The humidity has been here to. Happy hooking to you! Janice

  7. How nice to have rain in the forecast. I love the color of that blue. It looks like a wonderful pattern.


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