Wednesday, August 24, 2022


Going thru my flash drive to show some old rug photos I've saved.  A Red Floral with zigzag/sawtooth oval band and triangle corners.  It measures 16 x 34  but no date provided.   
This week I found this rug with 3 Central Balls and leaf border.  Dimensions are 22 x 44.  While I claim to not be a pink person (despite my recently hooked pink and red cottage), I find this salmon color quite appealing.
And would make a great companion piece with the 
Bowl of Flowers below, which measures 22 x 40 and hooked early 20th century.
A rug simply named Blossoms from Sussman Collection measures 16 x 17.   No date provided.                          
Okay, enough of the florals, let's see a rug depicting my favorite animal and the name of a book I read as a kid... Black Beauty.  The rug was said to be hooked around 1885 so my guess is the initials LBJ couldn't be former president Lyndon Baines Johnson because he was born 1908.  Unless the auction house was incorrect in its date.
With autumn on its way I'd probably turn that bird into a crow and still have it surrounded by the stars and scrolls.
While it isn't a rug it would make a beautiful one, is an 18th century French Letter Case.  It is embroidery on silk with metallic threads.
The rug below is quite interesting/funny.  Said to be hooked 1890 the hooker understood the mama cat's dilemma as she is surrounded by her 4 kittens Ban, Nan, Ned and Ted.  Missing is the father who she named CAD whose name appears without a hooked image of him.
Guess the canine needs representation too; so here's a black and white dog measuring 19 x 29 and was also from the Sussman collection.
There ya have it, my latest antique rug show.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Now I'll get back to work on my deer rug.  Happy hooking and welcome to my new followers.  I love comments and welcome questions and suggestions for topics.



  1. Like your rug shows !!!!! Always fun to see !!!

  2. I like the Black Beauty one. I've noticed that there is red or faded red in the majority of the rugs. You gotta love that big smiling dog.
    Thanks for the rug show.


  3. Fun show as always MD... Black Beauty is fascinating in its many details....but you know I love the kitty cad, kitty cat...rug. But the one that steals the show for me is that gorgeous French letter case. Wowza. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  4. These are l so very nice, but oh how I love that bowl of flowers! Janice

  5. Love these oldies!!!!especially the bowls🗻or baskets of flowers,,,,,

  6. All beautiful but I love the kitties and the black and white dog rugs. Those flowers on the dog rug are so unique! Jan in MA


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