Saturday, April 1, 2023


April already????  My how time goes by so quickly.  Today there is still the leftover wind from March but April showers came on stage as scheduled.

During my morning caffeine fix I search for vintage rugs so thought I'd entertain you with some of them.   This antique rug is another of my favorites, of course, since it has a horse on it.  Have had this photo for a while and would love to hook it but it is so big.  Horse and Roosters hooked 1902 and measures 24 x 66.
Below is a landscape from the estate of Penny Marshall (yes, THAT Penny Marshall) and it measures 23 x 38.  
A view of the back so you can see the true color and repairs on the sides.
Another rug from the estate of Penny Marshall is this lovely Stag rug.  Dimensions are 26 x 44.
For you exotic animal lovers is a leopard rug dated 1920 and measures 18 x 28.5.
The back shows the hooker used a fabric to bind the edges of her rug vs. just turning over the foundation or using binding tape.
An oval rug of pansies with no dimensions or date but think it is very eye appealing.
I was quite intrigued with this pieced textile rug.  Did the person have no  hook or hookable foundation?  Or again wanted to make use of what was available?  The textiles (silk, cotton and wool) were stitched on a denim backing.  It measures 21 x 32.  Sadly when I did a screen shot this is all I could capture.
The only thing the auction house provided on this next rug were the words "good dog"; no dimensions or date.
And for the feline lovers, this rug is adorable. A mama cat with kittens measuring 21 x 41.5 circa 1900. 
Here's a closeup of mama cat's face.
Happy rainy dreary windy day.   But a wonderful day to do the hand work we enjoy.



  1. You should hook that gigantic rug with the horse !!! The pansies are very pretty . The pieced textile is pretty amazing ! Guess she really made -do with what she had ! A dreary rainy day here , but should get sunny & warmer !
    Happy April !!!!

  2. That leopard looks like it is transitioning into an!
    Love that first rug that my friend is hooking. Yes, it is B.I.G.!!!

  3. LOL...I'm with Sissy...I first thought that was a spotted ape or gorilla. Love the kitty rug!! Trade you snow for rain? ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  4. I'm with Lauren and Robin. The first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the leopard was " That leopard is morphing into an ape or something". lol...
    The stitched rug is interesting. I've never seen one done in this style. Maybe she didn't had a hook but she made a rug anyway.
    Thanks again. We can always count on you for an interesting rug show.

    Hugs, Julia

  5. Love alot of these,,,
    The textile one! Wow,, and love the pansies,,,

  6. The pansy one is pretty cool and although I like the horse, not a fan of chickens. Janice


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