Monday, September 18, 2023

Cape May Rug Show Cont'd.

Let's continue with the show of finished rugs, shall we?   This first Hutchinson style rug was designed and hooked by our fearless leader/teacher Caroline  (Eagles Nest Woolens)
Shari hooked the Liberty Geo. Washington rug.
Two Big Flowers on the left was hooked by Leslie and my Scalloped Flowers to its right.
This humongous whale rug is Caroline's also and she explained how she hooked the water, but also said the whale was hooked higgly piggly.
Below is Mother with Fishbowl drawn from photo and hooked by moi.
An antique adaptation, I think, but can't read the hooker's name or other info.
A couple more of my rugs.
A corner of Shari's rug (previously shown) and the Fish rug info I cannot read.
Mary hooked Aunt Tilly's Garden below.
This is a geometric with names but can't read the label to learn the meaning behind the design nor the hooker.  My guess is t hey are family names.
Sue hooked the Welcome Whale.
A few more rugs.
The cat you saw previously but not the giraffe.  Unfortunately written in pencil and can't read the info.
Thursday  night there was an outside concert featuring the Howard Street Ramblers which is a local popular band.  You can see a few who have started to gather to get good seating.  There is a sign posted stating the alcohol beverages must remain inside that yellow rope ~ on Chalfonte property.
I suppose those are the libations being offered by the hotel, with a 'tip' bowl.
There was a total of 14 rugs I took for the show but didn't get a photo of all of them as you regular followers would have seen them here when finished.  The  next blog post will be of the 'throw down' to see what we primitive hookers started at camp.

Happy hooking.



  1. Fun to see all these rugs !!! Hope you are having a Wonderful time !!!

  2. It looks like a fun outing with the local band playing. I wouldn't mind staying within the yellow rope for a refreshing drink. lol... That place looks beautiful.

    Your Mother with fish bowl rug is outstanding, really is, and I love the first one too.
    Thanks for sharing some of the rugs with us. I so wish I could have gone rug hooking on Tuesday evening with my lovely group of rug hookers. It was the first hooking meeting since we took a break for summer. Sigh... ☹️

  3. Am not a fan pf pink and purple but Aunt Tilly's Garden is appealing to me. You picked wonderful rugs to show off. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful rugs. There is a town here that does a porch block concert. You can bring alcohol as long as you stay on the lawns and drink and the musicians do a few songs on each Victorian porch and then go to another porch along the block. A nice event when it does not rain. Janice

  4. Another great rug display,,
    Wow,,,,Thanks saundra

  5. More great rugs but your mother rug is certainly the stand-out in the group. But I do love that George Washington one! Wowza! ~Robin~

  6. Fourteen rugs??? Overachiever for sure ;-)
    Is Shari the friend Shari I met years ago at the Lancaster Biennial?

  7. Wonderful rugs always gets the creative juices going


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