Sunday, September 24, 2023


Looking thru flash drives, on-line auction houses, eBay and Pinterest for my next camp project.  Yes I've had 'wanna  hook' rugs before but my enthusiasm diminishes over time and new interests start to bloom.

This sheep was top on my list at one time then lost interest.  Now it's back on my list and I'd want a light colored sheep instead of brown or black.
A big log cabin has been calling my name and have considered this Abe Lincoln memorial but the thought of doing the line drawing exhausts me before even starting it since it is so hard to see.
At Cape May I mentioned to Caroline the antique below might be my November project.  But now decided since I'm still working on a floral  maybe another floral right after wouldn't be so much fun.
I have already done a line drawing of the Elk and it still remains on my list just not near the top. 
This farm scene below is already in master pattern format as I drew it for someone else many months ago.  It has been on my 'maybe' list before.
So has this Hen's House antique.
This Magdalena runner has always been on my wanna hook list but it is SO BIG.  Could draw a smaller size but always change my mind  before getting that far.  Who knows, maybe it is possible to get a smaller runner after all?  I've done the math, at 400% increase it would be 18 x 43, anything smaller would look odd.  So have tossed out the idea until I decide to hook a humongous pattern.
The American Indian is still on my list to hook one day but could do that at home.  Plus I prefer the rectangle design to be in the other direction and the design isn't suitable for that
Or, if I ever choose to do a vertical shape perhaps  I'll design my own using this antique weathervane Lauren took a photo of while perusing her favorite shops.
As of today, this minute there is one posted here which is at the top of the list.  Tomorrow or in a month that might be a different tune.  Fickle me.

Rain came and went but Woodland Lake is back and well stocked.  Would take a lot of hot days to dry it out and it's too late in the season for that.  Happy hooking.



  1. These would all be good choices. Good luck choosing. Did you get any of the remnants of that latest tropical storm? Hope Woodland Lake dries up soon for you. Janice

  2. Alot to choose from,,,
    You always pick fun mats

  3. Barely a drop of rain in Ohio ;-( You are welcome to share.
    I, too, one day hope to hook the Indian, but at the rate I am going, it may never happen...sigh.
    If I had to guess, I'd say Hen House is currently at the top of the list. The Elk rug just makes me smile!

  4. Too funny about that Indian weathervane. Cathy must have stopped at that same antique store because she, too, showed it to me. He seems to be very popular among the hookers LOL. Like GT, the elk cracks me up...but Hen House is my favorite. I'm still looking for my hooking mojo. It rained here as much yesterday as the day before. Over 3" in the past day and a half (my rain gauge overflowed both days so who knows). I have my own little lakes...but they are inside. 😡 ~Robin~

  5. Sorry, I've been missing in action lately. Life has gotten busier for me. I kind of like that big primitive Elk. I'm lagging behind in checking blogs.
    Take care, hugs.



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