Monday, July 1, 2024


Let me see what photos I have on my flash drive.  Actually this isn't a rug but would make a lovely one.  It is either a water color or bird art print.  Have no idea on age or who it could be attributed to.
An animal farm rug, from Bucks county, PA hooked 1900's with dimensions of 21 x 72.5.
Rabbits continue dancing.  Don't know the age of this one but it is a little different with trees added on each end.  The original antique was/is in public domain and I've really old dancing rabbit rugs to verify that.  This one looks in good shape so may have been a purchased pattern when Patsy Becker offered them.  Patsy was not, however, the original designer of the pattern.
Deer in landscape, no date but dimensions are 26.5 x 39.5.  Am thinking that is either a sunrise or sunsetting in the background.  Yet it seems to be setting between the mountains.  No limit to artistic creativity.
A horse with leaf border, sorry, no date on this one either.
Shirred floral dating between 1830-1840.  Notice how some flowers or leaves are made with hearts.  Wonder if it was a wedding rug.
Am not particularly fond of the colors, but the roosters were hooked in the 1900's and hails from Bucks County, PA.
I like a blotchy background but can't say I'm fond of this kind.  Can't really call it hit and miss I don't think.  A hound dog hooked around 1920. 
There it is folks, another rug show put to bed.  Still working on the border of my dog rug and still haven't decided on the final color of the background.  Hope to my s#!t together on that decision soon so I can move on with hooking in confidence.  Hope you're doing some happy hooking.



  1. Another great Rug Show ! The Fractur Bird would be pretty to hook ! Dancing Rabbits must be a Classic !!!! LOL

  2. I like the first design but I think, I would make it a crow, The others don't tirn my crank. I'm kind of cranky anyway. lol...
    Thanks for the rug show. I celebrated Canada day, the 1st of July by weeding a weedy flowerbed. My gardens really got neglected this year. My favorite garden quote is "One year of seeding equals, 7 years of weeding". I'm in trouble.

  3. I mean "The other don' turn my crank" I know you got that but I feel beter clarifying my comment. 🤗

    Hugs, Julia

  4. Thanks once again for the rug show So many rugs out there and you always seem to find some great ones. Janice

  5. That bird would make a great rug. The farm scene is by far my favorite.
    The background on the last rug makes my head hurt!!!

  6. I like the rug with the big leaves. I still haven't picked up my hook yet I am stitching a bit and thinking about going back to my blanket.

  7. Happy July MD! Oh, hands down, I'm loving that fraktur bird. I also like Julia's idea of making it a crow because, well, you know.... ~Robin~

  8. Always have fun looking at the mats,,,
    Fun farm one,,,

  9. Thanks for the wonderful eye candy! so much inspiration.


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