Thursday, June 30, 2016

Switching Out Rugs

Finally pulled the Sports Rug off the frame and now Ned is on but only a few loops have been pulled.  Today went to visit my sweet DIL at the hospital who had surgery yesterday and will be released tomorrow.  She won't be able to enjoy the holiday weekend as spryly as she would otherwise but will be better off by the procedure.
This is what the sports rug looked like when pulled off the frame. Oh no!  Now I see it!  One doesn't see it when a certain section of the rug being hooked is the focal point on the frame.  But if you look to the left, there is more of the darker blue wool than on the right side.  

Frankly I'm not sure what the mix is left in the bag as I've cut all the wool which I'm HOPING will be enough for the rug.  So will continue to hook just randomly pulling wool strips out.  So when the entire background is hooked will decide then if strips need to be pulled and mixed.  Yup, Kim, there I go anticipating another tweaking session.

Since tomorrow is July 1st I'm pretty sure this rug will be done in time for that celebration we have in December.  So as not to offend the reading eyes of Lauren I've chosen to not say the "C" word.

Sometime tomorrow I'll post an update on Ned.  So far I've only hooked the butterfly and am about ready to tackle the flower below Ned.  That's not much of an accomplishment.  Guess I'd better finish in the kitchen and get back to hooking.  

Hmm, no wonder I love rug camps so much.  When you go to camp regular life doesn't get in the way.  You escape the real world, can sit and hook for hours, have a glass or two of wine, your meals are prepared for you and (in some camps) the beds are made and rooms vacuumed.  Oh what the life of a serial hooker must be like.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. Your mat looking great,,,, busy life ,,,, rug camp is great,,,,

  2. I hope your dear DIL is doing okay. Surgery is no fun.
    Zach's rug is coming along nicely. Thanks for not saying the "C" word :)
    Happy 4th, my friend.

  3. Hi Saundra,
    Hope your DIL continues to improve and recuperate!!! No one likes surgery OR the time it takes to recover, but as you said, if it helps make your life better in the long run, it is worth it!!!
    Your grandson's rug is just awesome and I know you are anxious to have it completed!!! Enjoy hooking on NED!!
    Heart Hugs~


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