Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Little of This and That

Silly me, with just 7 days before I leave for camp and I'm working on an ET.  No, not the alien from the movie ET but short for an Edward Tulane Rabbit from the book titled "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane" by Kate DiCamillo. 

I designed this rabbit as a special order for a customer of mine who wanted to surprise her granddaughter for Christmas as they read the book together, would cry together and talked about life lessons learned from the book.  The grandmother said that to her granddaughter he was real and what a special gift it would be for her to get one for Christmas.  Since I was up to the challenge that is when my ET was born.  This is the accomplishment so far on the making of this one.
There is still more to be done with him as I still have his lace shirt to make and that will just have to wait until after camp.  Oh, and he will have shoes.  The first one made I put a heart pocket on his chest so the grandmother could write a special note from Santa.  So with the orders later decided to continue with the tradition.  This is a previously sold Edward and the book is beside him.
And, you probably noticed the doll to the left.  I made that, stuffed it with rags for heft and to make it look and feel old.  The doll is wearing a pair of my son's shoes from when he was a child.

The hooked face beside the first picture of Edward is actually a zipper clutch I designed ~ sold one and kept one, this is where I put my hooking tools to carry back and forth to camps.  This is what the reverse side looks like ~ it looks a little washed out as I took a picture on my back deck in full sun.  It was taken right after I'd made them and before one sold so that I could get the front and back in one photo.
Now I'll go to the attic and get my suitcase ready and look at the wool I've gathered for camp to see if I have all the colors I'll want to take for the next project.

Thanks for stopping by.  Saundra

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  1. just loving Edward T. there is something special about a book that comes to life for a child. my son used to love that. I like the zip bag too, very creative indeed!


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