Friday, November 9, 2012


There is a saying that..... 'if mama ain't happy then nobody happy'.  Oh but that is true.  Well mama is happy with how this Wee Folk rug is looking now.  So the post I made previously about the betwixt and between is going to be an issue when I get home from camp. 

I want to finish this and put it in front of the place designated but am sure that when coming home the new rug started with Lucille will tug at my heart.   This is the Wee Folk now and won't get a whole lot more hooking done because I've still cleaning to do before the house/Ben sitter arrives, and more packing.

Oh but I see changes that should have been made as I look at the blue flag swag under the half wheels. I followed the drawn lines AND, it IS primitive after all, right?  All of that will make it more whimsical and fun.  And, why buy a pattern and redraw it?

There were some changes made in the rug.  The original design had straight drawn flags throughout the rug.  So I took some creative licence to make a wave in the the rabbit's flag.  The next character being the cow I left the flag straight as drawn. 
However, the chicken, being a small character figured it needed a little nudge.  So I wanted the eye to see both the narrow cut red/white in the front of the rug as well as toward the back and capture the narrow cut from shirt of rabbit to flag of small bird.  Besides, that little critter needed help in being identified.

So THEN,  what happens is that the bold and straight stripes of the flag with piggly wiggly brings attention him since he is small and the flag is bold.  

HEY you newbies, FYI, I'm not a certified teacher so take my posts lightly as these are only my trials and errors ~ some works and some doesn't but that is how we learn.  All I know is that I have loved this design for years and now I'm hooking it, mama is happy, it might be off center at some areas but I don't care.   I love the design.

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  1. I love it, you are a very good teacher. I learn just by reading your blog! My whole life is a lot off center.!!

  2. not everything needs to be perfect but every thing you hook is perfectly wonderful.

  3. Saundra,
    It's so fun watching your rugs progress! I love how you explain the little changes that may seem subtle but make a big difference in the final look! You are so good at that! What a fun rug! LOVE how it's coming along!
    Cathy G


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