Monday, November 19, 2012

Rugs in Progress at the Workshop

There were 3 classes with teachers Lucille Festa, Gail Walden and Terri Schaeffer so you are about to see a wide variety of styles of hooking and braiding.

In Lucille's class these were the rugs being hooked, the first one by my friend and roomie Deb, it is a Woolley Fox design called "Have you any Wool".
This one was being hooked by Pam Brune and is a Lucille design.
This design was being hooked by Pat Duggan and she is in the process of changing out color more to her liking therefore the difference in color.  Sorry but not sure not sure who drew that one based on the antique.
Renia had two rugs she was working on; one to hook until Lucille got to her (as most of us did) and it happened to be her very first rug she hooked with Lucille at Cape May in September.  It is a design by Lucille as is her other rug she started at this workshop.
You can see the improvement in Renia's hooking between the Cape May first rug started and the one below.... great job Renia.
And this is Janice Russell's rug.  Let me mention here that Janice is a McGowan teacher and runs the April rug camp and is predominately a narrow cut hooker.  But she wanted the experience of getting primitive and she let her inhibitions go.  I like the changes they made with the border design too.
This rug was being hooked by Phyllis Sheetz and was a design by Lucille.
This is the rug I started hooking based on two antique rugs and I adapted parts from each to come up with this design.  Since being home I have not pulled one more loop on it as I have been working on the Wee Folk rug.
There was another student in Lucille's class but don't know if I have permission to show Stella's rug in progress or the rugs finished so won't post them now. However I do have other rugs to show and not sure who the teacher was or most not sure who the hooker was. 

However, this colorful geometric rug was started at Cape May in September and Susan Woodworth has accomplished a LOT since then.  So I'm thinking that she just continued the rug at this workshop just to be around other hookers and have a great venue with like people and have a great camp time.
Here are some in-progress rugs and sorry that I do not know who hooked them but enjoy.
It is obvious the next rug was flipped over and another design drawn on the back which is the subject being hooked.  I have done this also when I had a rug that I fell out of love with ~ hey, perfectly good linen so may as well put it to good use.
And then this wonderful wolf is great; I've done a narrow cut with my Rotties and it is also delightful but I'll not do another narrow cut rug even tho it does provide the detail as I like primitive wide cut rugs for my home.
This horse rug I know was being hooked by Janice's daughter Fran Trishman so can at least give credit to her for this.
And don't know who the rest of these were being hooked by but do enjoy if it is your style hooking, color, etc.

Just look at this VERY narrow cut rug.  Must admit I stood and admired all the detail which must have been hooked in a #2 cut.  Would I hook it?  In a word NO, but do I admire the work.... YES.
And then look at the detail of the toy section on the right side.
Hope I didn't miss anyone and if I did I apologize.  Thanks for dropping by, hope you have enjoyed your stroll thru of the rugs in progress.



  1. These are all wonderful. I love the details and the colors. I think there is just so much variety, it is all very compelling to see the designs come to life.

  2. Saundra ~
    Thanks for the rug show. I, too, admire the fine cuts but I will probably never hook one! Just not my style, either.
    You always choose the bestest rugs! I love the one you've drawn up and you got a great start on it.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Pug hugs :)

  3. great inspiration as always. thanks for always posting such great rugs.

  4. they are just beautiful!!!!!!!!!! denise

  5. What an amazing variety of rugs you've shared - I can't decide which one I like best - thanks for all the photos.


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