Sunday, November 18, 2012

Great Design and Something New to Me

This is a rug pattern by Polly Minick and is an adaptation of an antique rug a friend of hers has ~ it is a nice rug design I think.  Polly said the original antique was in pastels but while she tried hooking it in those colors she pulled it out and chose her own colors.  She is waiting to board a plane home but said that when she gets home she will send me a picture of the original antique.  So you may want to drop by again to check out the original.  Check out the original pastel antique at the bottom.
And then, when I flipped it over got a wonderful surprise.  Just look at that wide cotton binding!  That is much nicer than the 1 1/4" binding I have used.
Here is a close up of the mitred corner.
Immediately I wrote Polly asking where she purchased it.  She said the carpet outlet store carries the product as it is easily accessible to people who put it on their sisal or sea grass rugs.  But most recently she has started purchasing it on line rather than driving to the outlet store.
I placed my order with the on-line company and miraculously it was at my front door the next day.  I decided to get the color Espresso since I also use a lot of brown backgrounds and when I hook a primitive black there is usually some black/brown wool in there so figure it will work for either.  You can see the difference in width between the 1 1/4" and 3".

Now I can't wait to finish a rug with it but have decided that the Wee Folk will be bound with blue wool strips or wool covered cord.  Hmm, probably the wool covered cord.

And my pal Polly came thru for me.  Here is a picture of the original antique rug from which she designed the one above.

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  1. Great rug! The wide binding tape is pretty cool, too.
    Happy Sunday to you!
    Back to cleaning :(
    Hugs :)

  2. love the rug, great you found a new source!

  3. I've bought twill tape from before, but they don't have any this wide. I usually get the 1-1/2" size, but maybe I'll try some of the wider stuff next time. Thanks for the headsup!

  4. I love Polly's new rug!! Is the new tape softer than the tape I've been getting lately? It is so stiff ~ I'd love anew source!


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