Monday, November 26, 2012

EDWARD TULANE finally finished

Although I try to keep this blog mostly about rug hooking (my personal favorite past time), the rabbit Edward Tulane has been very popular and cannot count how many of them I've made and sold.  Not only parents and grandparents have purchased them but also three different elementary school teachers in Texas purchased them to use as a teaching aid for their class.

Last year at Christmas I didn't have one to sell so wanted to be sure one was available this year in time for the holidays.  Therefore I think this Edward was started sometime in the summer since my delightful indulgence is rug hooking knew that short spurts of time would be spent on the making Edward.  Plus the fact that making him is an arduous task with so many steps to take and then down time while the paint or coating is drying before the next step. 

Here he is in all his glory and I finally listed him on e-bay yesterday.  So now I can concentrate on pulling loops.
And, that Christmas ornament mat I'm working on needs a little toning down on that white before I show a picture. 

Have a great evening everyone and....remember to be kind to one another.


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