Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wee Folk Update

Wee Folk is a wee big fuller than you saw before my leaving for the workshop ~ not done, but closer. 
The bicycle handles and bars still look too washed out and close in value to the background, so it appears that I'll have no choice but to change out the color but don't know yet what color to make them.  Guess I could use the bright green that is used in the chicken and the flags in the banner.  Or could go with a somewhat darker blue but not as dark as in the border blue.  For sure red it out of the question since there is already so much of that.  And sometimes wish I'd done a plain colored shirt on the bunny instead of the stripe which was suggested ~ there's just too much red and white stripe and the flags would have been plenty.

But for now, I'll hook what I know (to quote Eric Sandberg from an earlier class) and keep pulling loops then decide what to do.

Hope everyone has a nice and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.



  1. Saundra ~
    You are getting so close. I love it!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ben, too. Be sure to give an extra special treat tomorrow.
    Hugs :)

  2. I think are right about the handle bars. Anyway to just pull out the white stripe in the bunny shirt? I hope you and Ben have very Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Good progress on Wee Folk! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Saundra!

  4. The rug is amazing.. Thanks for sharing

  5. Looking good Saundra! I love this pattern, have it and someday want to hook it. Too many patterns, so little time!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ben Boy!!


  6. There is something defined as "too much red"? Are you joking? Haha
    The rug looks so fabulous. I really love this one.....but then, i love all of your rugs.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ben. Gnaw a turkey leg for me.
    Ter'e, Charley and Blu


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