Friday, November 16, 2012

Finished Rugs Shown at Camp

Here are more rugs which were on display for the impromptu rug show.  Some may have been started with teachers last year at this camp or maybe other camps.  I was able to get permission from Pam for her wonderful Giraffe rug posted below.  I'm not sure if it was hooked with a teacher or if it was a McGowan program project for her certification.   However, the giraffe as well as the braided border (done at this camp) with Terri Schaeffer is wonderful.  Terri gives a three step class in joining the ends of the braid around the hooked project.  And....while my friend  and I tried, we could not find where the dang three strips of wool braiding were joined.  It was wonderful!!!
Some works on display were those which I admired but would not choose to hook on my own, but of course you appreciate the work involved.  Here's a great mask and wouldn't have a clue how to make one, but I love it!!
Isn't this a cutie patootie?  It is obvious who the designer is... Star Rug I'm sure and think it is a free pattern in a former Rug Hooking Magazine generously provided.  Just love this guy and now have to search thru my RHM to find the pattern so I can hook him for myself.  This one was hooked by Pam Brune.
And this great rug was hooked by Pam Johnson in Lucille's class last year.  Some people commented that it looked like 'dead flowers' but to me it looks like a soft aged and wonderfully primitive end of summer sunflower.  But to each her own.  Pam AND Lucille together made a great rug.
So this is a great piece which I wanted to snap up and take with me.  She told me that her plans were to buy Lucille's Mermaid pattern and turn it into a "tavern' rug as well.
Sorry, but not sure who did this ARK Mola which was on display since there were no tags.  Yes, it is a great design with lots of color and design.
This American Eagle is bold and proud but perhaps it a young one since it doesn't have a white head; but it is still representitive of our USA.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll post some IN PROGRESS rugs tomorrow.



  1. Love them. I am hooking a rug hooking free pattern now but I will look for that one soon.(I hope)

  2. Thanks for the rug show!
    I will have to go through old issues of RHM and find that snowman pattern, too. I love Maria's patterns! You can spot them a mile away!
    Happy Sunday to you!
    Hugs :)


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