Thursday, November 22, 2012


This rug was a design in a Need'l Love pamphlet called "Falloween" and love the colors design, etc.  As you can see that is only one initial "S" as it was hooked while going thru the divorce and was changing my name back to Porter from Slagle but the decree hadn't come thru yet so hooked just my first initial.  This rug happens to be on my harvest table for a little fall and Thanksgiving flare.
Today I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving with my son, daughter-in-love Cathy, grandson Zach and other family members at my son's house.  Greg, my son, always does the full holiday meals and today will be turkey with all the trimmings.  Christmas he will bake a ham with all the side dishes.  Each holiday I take a pie and another dish so that I feel as tho I'm contributing in some way. 

The Princess (sweet Cathy) will be perusing the paper ads as well as checking all stores on-line to see what specials she wants to purchase and plans her road trip accordingly.  She and her sister Kim will leave their house tonight around 11 p.m. to go shopping and won't get home until morning when everyone else (like me) is just waking up.  They do this every year and must admit they get some darn good bargains at the Midnight Madness and door buster sales.  That isn't my thing so will come home and get a good night's sleep.

Hope all of you have a very special Thanksgiving; we should be grateful for what we have ~ our health, family and friends.  And just look around outside to look at the natural beauty.  And please folks...... be kind to one another, it takes less effort than being caustic, besides you really can change someone else's bad day with a pleasant smile.

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  1. Saundra ~
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family
    Love that rug! One of these days...sigh. Great story about the initial. I noticed different in rugs you've posted in the past.
    Hugs :)

  2. Oops. Hit publish instead of preview. I meant to say different initials :)

  3. That pattern is in my stash ~ wish I'd get to it!! Happy day to you, too ~ thankful to have you as my blog friend!!,

  4. Hi Saundra,
    That has to be my all time favorite Turkey rug! I almost hooked that one for my current project but decided on the Maggie B French Urn instead. LOVE the colors in your Turkey! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Your daughter-in-love is a brave soul.... to venture out with the crowds on Blk.Friday!! Hope she gets to the bargains before every one else!!!
    Cathy G

  5. Hi, Saundra, and Happy Thanksgiving. You have a son who cooks...I am so envious. Neither my father or my husband could do much more than boil water! I love your Turkey rug. I had purchased the booklet off ebay this year and intended to have it hooked by Thanksgiving, and then forgot all about it until seeing yours. Maybe by next year. We had 60 degrees here today, but this is the end of the nice weather, a cold front is on the way. As far as the day after shopping, the only places I will go are antique stores or needlework shops, the kind of place that no one else goes the day after.


  6. Saundra,
    Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one. This year because I have my new home which is bigger than the 700-sq. ft. triplex, Thanksgiving happened here. It was just family - two other sisters, one brother and a nephew. One sister had made plans elsewhere. This is the first time since my brother Bob moved back that we have gathered together to eat when it wasn't in a restaurant. Yes, I did the turkey, stuffing and all the goodies except dessert. My older sister, Susie, retired from the state on Wednesday and she brought goodies from her retirement party. That was all the sweets we needed. In the middle of the day, we called our parents using the speaker phone so everyone had a chance to talk. They are both 90 and this year, none of us could make it home.

    Interestingly, I don't own any turkey or pumpkin patterns. Don't know why as I have just about everything else in my stash. If needed, I am sure I can find one in among all the magazines and books I own. I am trying not to buy any patterns until after I have my downsizing sale.

  7. How beautiful. I love the turkey rug :)

  8. Happy belated Thanksgiving. I had a wonderful one. Little Jack was a hoot and it was a relaxing day!
    I love that Turkey!!!! Wow you are amazing.Hugs Cheri


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