Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Since there aren't any elves making things for me, it required me to take action if I wanted to put this design on my web site so people can get it by Christmas.  So today I posted a picture as is on my pattern page and when it is finally hooked will  update my web site with the completed piece.  Certainly I should have worked on it a few months ago but getting ready for Cape May and the Ocean City workshop seemed to take priority.  So now THIS project is a major priority.

It measures 10 1/2" x 18 1/2" and hooking seems to alter the finished size so will measure it again aftewards.
Normally I don't do bright colors but then Christmas is a festive and colorful season so figured brights were necessary.  And, I just might need to tone down that shocking white with a mild tea bag blotting as it hurts my eyes.

One year at Cape May rug camp they provided a goodie bag for all the attendees and there was a dip dyed strip of wool for each of us which had red, green and blue in the approximately 4" wide and maybe 18" length.  I've had that strip for years wondering what on earth I'd ever use it for.  HA!  Perfect for the outside border.  Not sure that there is enough for more than one row around tho.   What was surprising is that it was peaking at me when I went into the wool room.  Why it wasn't buried under other wool is amazing so it was meant to be.

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