Thursday, November 15, 2012

Home From Rug Hooking Workshop

Oh but it was so good to get away but oh so nice to sleep in my own bed and see my boy Ben.  Lucille's class was great as always and it was fun to be with her once again.  Last year she shared a classroom with Michelle Micarelli and this year we were in a suite classroom by ourselves.  It was a small class as people signed up, dropped out and so it made for a comfortable environment with only 8 students in the room.  To the left of me you can see Lucille working with a couple students.
This picture is of the right side of me in the classroom and that empty seat near the door is where I was sitting.
Then there was wool.
And even more wool.
Here are a few pictures of the impromptu rug show of finished rugs some of us brought.  This is only a sampling of them so look for more tomorrow.  These two are done by Lucille.
Unfortunately I'm not sure who designed some of the rugs shown here but will mention if I know it is hooked by or designed by.  Yet, I do know that Pam Brune hooked these next three rugs but not sure who the design is by.

Sure wish I knew who hooked this paisley designed rug with tassels at the ends.  It is a very nice piece.  Not sure that it is something that I would hook but it was very lovely.
Then this one must have been a family rug and not sure who hooked and designed this one either, sorry.  But I'll bet some grammie did it for her grand kids.
Stay tuned as I've more finished rug pictures but want to get permission to show, just in case the rugs are supposed to be entered into Celebrations or other venue.  And there are some which are brand new designed primitive folk art pieces that I HOPE to get permission to show. 
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  1. Saundra, What wonderful rugs. I am sure you had a great time.HUgs Cheri

  2. bet you had a great time, love the pictures!

  3. Can't believe you are home already! I hope you can share LOTS more with us.
    Hugs to you and Ben!

  4. OMGosh!!!!! The Mag style rug with the eagle and 2 crows, simply takes my breath. What a beauty!!!!! Do you know if this is a "regular pattern" or was it simply drawn up by the hooker.
    Gosh...........I love it.
    Glad you're home. I know Ben Boy missed you!


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