Thursday, November 8, 2012


My wool selection has been made, most of my colors are pinned to the rings just as was done for Cape May with more of those colors in my totes.  And if I didn't bring what I need then Lucille will have plenty there to select from, or choose from other teachers.  Inside the colorful mesh bag are the rings with wool and my pattern.
And, behind the totes you can see two full bolts of linen foundation which just arrived today because when I get back from this camp I'll be working my booty off drawing more patterns for someone.  You can see some of my patterns as well as other patterns in the picture.  However, there is yet another container of the most current patterns to be drawn when I return in another section of the room.
My wool room is a mess and will be even more so once I return from this camp because I'll have wool from the Wee Folk, wool chosen for the Lions in the Woods which some will be used and some will need to be put back on the shelves.  But I'll be too busy drawing patterns to concern myself with that.

And then there is this bunch of wool which is being used for my Wee Folk rug right now.  For sure you cannot be a clean freak if you are a rug hooker as it makes dust, you have all those worms which you see in the plastic bags in my totes.  I say that but I'll bet that some of you (Joan and T'ere come to mind) is meticulous in everything.
Must say that the Townsend Orbiter frame has been wonderful for working on this long rug and decided to work on the other end at home so the weight will be more distributed when I'm hooking on it waiting my turn for the 'teach' ~ uh, Ben is trying to hone in on the attention here....isn't he handsome?  Oops, I see worms on the floor, worms to the left and there are worms on the sofa arm which you can't see.  I'm a messy hooker too.  I start out all nice and organized and somehow it all goes to hell in a hand basket.
 I still have lots more to hook on this rug and it is always a struggle deciding what to hook when I get home from another camp with a newly started rug which I'm excited about, and one you want done that was started previously. Thus, I'm betwixt and between. 

The frame I'll take to the next camp will be my Snapdragon since the Lions in the Woods is smaller and the Snapdragon keeps a drum tight surface for sure.  That is why I wanted to work on the end of Wee Folk for when I place it on my Snapdragon it will be more balanced.

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  1. Saundra ~
    You are so right! It is so hard to keep a neat hooking area and non-hookers would not believe how much dust is created! If that worm was on the floor at my house, little "hoover" Annie would be eating it in a second. There is something about long, stringy things that she likes.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Love seeing how disorganized you are (teasing), it is a mark of true creativity. You gotta' have the stuff to make the goods!

    I think Ben is trying to tell you something, like "don't go, have camp here with me! I will teach you everything you need to know"!! scratch, pet, feed, rub, walk, play, etc!!

    Hope when the time comes you have a ball!


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