Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pillow Final Installment

Yippee, my pillow is beckoning me to sit, lean back and enjoy the fruits of my labor.  This furniture is really old and embarrassed to say I've had it since 1997.  Would be a different story with age if it were an antique that was made to last, but it isn't.  Anyway, it's what I have.  To the left is a vintage Jack Daniels advertisement that my departed first husband electrified into a lamp.  And that hooked piece to the left was the sample that Tonya of MadHenPrims hooked for her book and I'm so proud to own a few of her original pieces. 
Betsy suggested purchasing a regular bed pillow.  The stuffing for the pillow was purchased in the linen department of my local Walmart and only cost $2.50.  I'm sure it was cheaper than buying a bag of stuffing at a fabric store.  Plus the fact the stuffing is contained in a cotton casing.
These next steps are what Betsy said she did with her pillows to make them hefty, which was my goal.  The pillows I've been using (one a big sofa pillow) always ends up dropping down between the bottom cushion and the back of the sofa.  This pillow is thick and am sure there won't be an issue with it.

Next I cut an open the purchased pillow and pull out some of the stuffing.  #1 it makes it easier to insert into the hooked pillow with reduced stuffing.
#2 you will fill the center with more substantial stuffing for the heft after being inserted.   Betsy said nothing goes to waste in her house, not the trimmed off linen foundation, snippets, etc.  Well that makes sense to me and we've all used snippets I'm sure.  And you wouldn't believe how much extra stuffing went into that pillow in addition to the stuffing that I pulled out in the beginning.
Next, stuff the half full purchased pillow into the hooked pillow.  I started filling it up then realized I'd better stuff the purchased pillow in the hooked piece before it got too big.  Was anxious to get it done and forgot to stuff first but was still able to get the pillow inside.
Once the purchased pillow is placed inside the hooked pillow you can manipulate the insides around to place in corners, in the center more, etc.  Then I whip stitched the pillow cover closed so pieces wouldn't work themselves outside the case.
So now it was time to close the opening to my hooked pillow. I used heavy duty cotton button hole thread and stitched it with single thread one way, turned around and stitched it again the other way so it is double hand stitched all the way around.
The final step was doing the edge.  You can see the edge better from the back side of the pillow than from the hooked front.
Getting ready to make a pot of homemade soup then lean back on my new hooked pillow and hook on Santa for a while.

If you ever have an opportunity to take a class with Betsy Reed you won't be disappointed.  She shares and gives all of what she knows.  Have a great evening everyone and enjoy the nicer winter temperatures tomorrow than we had the last few days.

If you have questions about the pillow installments, please e-mail me and I'll try and explain better.



  1. T looks great thanks for the instruction

  2. It looks just absolutely wonderful and loved the instructions! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  3. It's a beautiful hooked piece !! Love it as a pillow. Praying I can get myself back into something creative soon.
    Hugs. ,

  4. Saundra, I love how your pillow!!!
    Thanks for sharing your process and tips!!!


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