Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chicken Challenge Changes...

...say that real fast 3 times.  I just love it when people give me their opinion.  Lots of times I asked for it but even if I don't, your thoughts are truly appreciated even unsolicited.  Sometimes another eye sees something that mine don't.  While the advice may not always be used, it is always welcome.

Goodness there were a lot of comments on the feet and did read them all.  Yet when I saw the picture on the computer monitor my eyes were happier with the light feet as well.....so today I made that change.

Plus, I pulled up my big girl panties and made another change.  While I was enamored with the rooster antique and had wanted to put the flowers in the upper corner using my wool closest to what the original hooker had....uh... just didn't do it for me.  So today the leaves on the flower on the top left were pulled out and hooked using the green wool as in the trees at the bottom.   
Wish there was more accomplished on the Chicken Challenge rug to show you but I had a Domestic Zoo pattern to draw out today as I'd recently sold the last one.  Hey, gotta keep those hook'n hands busy.  I know that when I want a pattern "I want it now".  So I aim to please.  Plus, these sales help subsidize my hooking habit....so thank you Rhea.

Now I want to discuss GUILTY PLEASURES.  And this is my confession time so hope there's input from my readers about theirs.  I have a food guilty pleasure but this isn't about that.  When I'm hooking there is usually something I'm watching on TV that has been pre-recorded.  Today I just watched the final episodes of The Bachelor.  OMG!!!!!!  I cannot believe that Nikki accepted his 'final rose'.  And the one I was most worried about ended up being the one I was most proud of  ~ Claire!  Good going woman (Claire)! 

Yes I DO understand that what the show is about is a short-time fantasy which doesn't last beyond the show.  So then it becomes reality.  But I (maybe we) have seen real love and marriage develop from the show.

All us females want our prince charming...the man on the white horse.  I do believe it does exist as my step-father was one to my mother (God Bless you ECP).  But what a piece of crap Juan Pablo is.  Okay, I could rant all night in my frustration but Nikki will eventually have to learn on her own as did I.

Can't wait to read messages about the changes I made on the CC rug, guilty pleasures or The Bachelor.

BTW, my food guilty pleasure is pasta.  OH but I could eat pasta and red sauce (known as gravy by Italians) 7 days a week.  I don't, but could.  Now I want some but it is soup and salad for tonight.

Have a great night everyone.



  1. I like the green better too, the other was just too much and off balance. I tape my shows too, fun to watch them while I work on projects and I can always rewind if I miss something, lol.


  2. Saundra, you make me laugh ! You have a true 'wit' about yourself that I so enjoy ;)
    I don't watch television, so I cannot comment on the show you are watching.
    Love the rug you are working on.
    I LOVE raspberries and will eat them every day, when I have them. (which is almost always !)

  3. I like the changes you made to your rug...looks pretty....I watched GMA this morning & they talked about the Bachelor, reading your comments were how they felt too, it was funny .... My weakness is home made chocolate chip cookies & the dough & licking the bowl clean !

  4. Rose and I have something in common. I don't watch TV, either. I haven't had a working one in years.
    I like the CC changes you've made, and no, I won't say it 3 times fast.
    Guilty pleasures...cheesecake, white zin, antiques, wool, spoiling my grandson. Did I mention white zin?
    Hugs :)

  5. Great post Saundra,it is always fun to read your blog.I like the changes you made to the CC rug.I haven't been watching the show,so no comment from me on that one.LOL! Guilty pleasure for me is anything sweet,and it is beginning to show. Be blessed,Jen


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