Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring? Really??

I'm so sick of winter weather I could scream. See this forsythia bush?  It should be close to having buds on it. Nope, not happening. 
And all my daffodils which were starting to bud ?????  Guess they will be dead before they even bloom. 

There is a bird feeder, bird house and bird bath just waiting for spring.  Whenever it decides to show up.
Is the snow pretty?  Maybe the first snow of the season to an adult, and to a kid who could be out in it all day with no problem they would like more.  But to me enough is enough.

Hugs to all who are enduring sad issues, no matter what they may be.  It is times like this that I remember working on a 'hot line' in my younger years.  Strange that my mind would turn to that part of my life after all this time.  But in some way perhaps a blog is a way of trying to help others now, yet it was thru a telephone connection back then.  

When you are upset, remember to take a deep breath, hold for a few seconds and exhale slowly.  As you do that think about spring, think about your next hooking project, or better yet..... design one in your head.  After typing this I'm even feeling more calm. 

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. The good thing about a spring snow is that they are generally very pretty (I mean that!!!) and the snow doesn't stay on the ground too long. You got much more than we did.
    Your daff buds should be fine. The snow won't hurt them. It's a hard freeze that will do them in. I actually picked 3 buds today before the snow came.
    Hang in there, dear. Even though I, too, have my doubts, springs gotta get here one day.
    Hugs :)

  2. We are up to our ears in snow and thank the good Lord I think we are missing the storm tonight. Lots of high winds coming in though. As long as we have our health nothing else matters trust me I know.

  3. We are all hunkered down awaiting tomorrow's big blast of snow. I have a new hooking project ready for my snow day

  4. I just noticed some trees were budding and now we are getting hit with more snow and bad winds. The snow will be less here but the winds won't help.


  5. This wicked winter can certain bring anyone down; thank you for the uplifting reinforcement. The Maine coast is supposed to hit hard this afternoon. Hoping it does not making far inland; we've still got almost 15 inches on the ground. We need warm days to get this stuff melted. Crazy weather this year. But I do enjoy being by the cozy fire and snuggling on the couch. :)

  6. I was in Seaford for a week in Feb and we didn't get any. What we did get was gone by morning. :(

  7. Im with you on wanting to scream at seeing the snow fall here too. But I started a pattern out of the Indygo Junction booklet I won from you so unless I give up Ill send you a pic when finished! Thanks for your blog!

  8. Enough of Winter !!!!!! Bring on the Spring & 50 degrees & sun & green grass & no more below temps !!!!!

  9. Today, in FL, our high is 65 degr. I have on leggings, a long sleeved warm shirt, wooley sox......and am COLD! LOL. At least we have blue skies and all the birds are singing.

    I am not a fan of snow!!!!!
    (You do know I am working on moving back to KC, MO, right?????)
    I will really freeze!!!!!!!


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