Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chicken Challenge Hooked

I was going to title this post "Chicken Challenge Done" but that would indicate it was also bound, which is not the case.  I was excited to have it all hooked and show you my rendition now.  Also wanted to send a picture to Woolrights so it could be placed on their blog along with the other challenge participants.  However, think Deb (the mother of the guild blog) is at Woolley Fox this week.  So when she gets home she will post the picture.
What can I say......the rug really doesn't look this busy or bright in person.  The plan was to make it look like an early hooked rug using 'what she had' and hooking in blocks which is often seen in old rugs.  All the while combining the Chicken Challenge design and a rooster design I'd admired.  Somewhere along the line my background hooking took on a life of its own.   Or at least it looks like that in the photo.
Oh well, plan is to not sell this one but to replace the wonderful Eat Crow rug which has graced the front of my kitchen sink since 2003.  Not sure where I'll place the Crow but it is special to me.  My departed silly and goofy Rottie Panzer thought he could fly and would try to jump and fly to catch the crow as it flew from the yard.
As you can see, the Crow has served me well over this last century with only a few minor dabs of clean ups.  Wool is very resilient and I'm sure that the Chicken Challenge rug will do well at the sink.  It IS time to give this crow guy a rest. 
If you would like to see what all the Chicken Challenge is about, click HERE.  When the HOME page comes up scroll over to the "MORE" link and hover.  Then look down the options and you will find the Chicken Challenge tab.  You will see the free pattern and further down the post you will see other hooked pieces done by others who wanted to participate in the challenge.  It's NOT  TOO LATE. 
Have a great evening everyone.  I'm making soup and going to go back to the geometric rug.  Hopefully there will be a few blocks hooked for me to show you tomorrow.


  1. Whoo Hoo, congrat's on the hooking finish. It turned out very nice..

  2. very classy looking chicken rug, you really did it justice

  3. I love how it came out and it looks beautiful to me. It depends on your computer screen but colors do pop more in photos and yours looks perfect on my screen.


  4. Saundra ~
    I LOVE IT!!! It looks so old and mellow. I am jealous of your ability to hook "old". I wanna come visit and have you color plan my rugs!!!
    Hugs :)

  5. Saundra I LOVE the way you hooked that chicken challenge rug!! You really did capture the look and colors of an antique rug! Wish I had time to join the challenge.... I an enjoying looking at all the different renditions.... yours is my favorite!
    The crow sure held up well... such a nice rug with good memories behind it! Take good care of it!!
    Cathy G

  6. Wonderful job, Saundra. Your rug looks fabulous !

  7. Hi Saundra,
    Your rug turned out so lovely and old looking!! I so admire all of you ladies who hook such beautiful rugs!!
    Thank you for sharing your "almost" finish!!
    Warm Hugs~
    P.S. I hope I finally got the no-reply fixed!! xo

  8. You did such a great job, Saundra

  9. Love it Saundra! The crow rug is gorgeous too.Blessings,Jen


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