Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hit and Miss Rug Show

Since my two in-progress rugs haven't made any progress there's nothing new to show you there.  Actually I'm still being held hostage by the commission rug but it should finally be done today ~ that is IF I ever get off'n this contraption.  I've been searching Pinterest looking for anything hit and miss so that I can join in a new group recently started on Rug Hooking Daily  called the Great Stash Deworming Marathon.  So enjoy the show.

These two you saw in the other post. 

Trust me, there are more I saved but lunch is calling me and then to  hook.  OH! something I found on Pinterest that I thought very  interesting is this photo of the young John F. and Jacqueline Kennedy at Martha's Vineyard.  Look below their feet.....what looks to be a hand hooked rug.
At least I don't feel like I've abandoned my pals who follow my blog and this will buy me more hooking time on the 'you know what'. 



  1. Wonderful rugs, love the look of hit or miss and it does make them look like an antique.


  2. love the rug hooking show...especially the circle today...

  3. 6th rug down
    provenance Quebec Canada


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