Saturday, March 1, 2014

Enjoy the Rug Show

Other than hooking a rug and getting kisses from my Rottie Ben, there's nothing that gives me more pleasure than looking at pictures of rugs.  So I'm posting some antique rugs I've recently found on the web.  And what better rug to start with than a Magdalena Briner Eby rug.  You can purchase all known Magdalena rugs from Woolley Fox.  With exception of Domestic Zoo, which she doesn't sell but I do.  Barb is presently having a sale on some Magdalena designs now at 50% off while they last.
 Interesting that even tho it is a busy rug with hit and miss the critters and post don't get lost.
 Don't think I'd ever seen these three cats before.

 The simplicity of the circles are soothing to the eye but think I'd probably get bored.  Well heck, if I didn't get bored hooking the 66 circles in the Magdalena Lollipop rug guess this would be okay.

 Hmmm, maybe I like this rug with circles better (below).
 Soft and nicely faded colors.
What's a rug show without a chicken.
 Found this on Pinterest and must be someone's adaptation of the antique.  I love the soft and gently used hit and miss in it.  It keeps the antique look yet adds a little color and interest to the rug.

After posting about this beauty I learned the adaptation was hooked by Kathy of BriarwoodFolkArt.  She sure did nail the antique look for sure.

 Tonya (Mad Hen) sells an adaptation of this rug below.

Enjoy your weekend and hope you enjoyed the show.



  1. Thanks for posting these old them!! I always wonder what the old rugs looked like when they were first hooked? Do you think they were these nice soft colors or do you think they were bright, bright?
    Regardless, I love how they made rugs that were personal to them and I try to remember to do that in the rugs that I hook now.
    I did a rug with circles and I got bored out of my gourd!! But I certainly liked it when it was finished. I think those circle rugs can go just anywhere!

  2. Great rugs and i like the men and the horse, have never seen that one.


  3. Ha! ha, the 3 dancing rabbits is my rug! It was one of the first rugs I got to look genuinely old! Kathy, Brisrwood Folk Art

  4. Thanks for the rug show. Oh, my, Kathy really nailed the antique look in her Dancing Bunnies rug.
    So happy you shared!!!
    Off to work on my CC rug for a bit.
    Hugs :)

  5. Thanks for the rug show! They are all so beautiful.My favorite is the dancing bunny rug.Be blessed,Jen

  6. Love to look at the antiques. Thanks for sharing. They are all inspiring.

  7. Wow, these are really beautiful and tell stories of long ago.

  8. I love these rugs like you said soft and pleasing colors.
    so many rugs so little time.


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