Sunday, March 16, 2014

Chicken Challenge Update

No, sadly it still isn't done.... and I'm beginning to believe that my friend Lauren's Chicken Challenge rug must have been more like a 9" x 12" since she finished it in record time (love picking on your Lauren). 

I've taken a couple different pictures, some with flash some without ~ some before changes and some after. There's sure to be mixed feelings on the background but I'm keeping on going on.  I'll show you what it looks like right now and is a picture taken without a flash which is really more true to what the rug looks like in person albeit a little blurry.
Here is a picture with a flash which shows my patchwork background color in much brighter colors than in person and this is a situation we all have when taking pictures of our rugs.
And then....... a picture before I tried something different in the right flower.  You know me, I'm not opposed to pulling out wool and trying something else to see if it will enhance the rug.
I'd be interested in your thoughts on the flower.....make the left one yellow in the center too?  Or hook back the center like it was before and make it like the one on the left?

For those of you just checking out my blog for the first time tonight, if you scroll thru previous posts you can read how to participate in the free Chicken Challenge pattern as well as seeing another antique rug which inspired me to make this crazy background.  Speaking of which, I'm sure my flash drive is full of antique rugs with a patchwork background and plan to designate a post showing what I've collected so far.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening.



  1. I prefer the flower without the yellow center.

  2. Actually it's only 8" x 10", hooked in a 3 and 4 cut.
    With great affection,

  3. As for the flowers. Can't decide...but I kind of like the yellow center...I think.

  4. Well, it depends on if you are going for a true prim look or perfect unity. I like how the yellow sets it off a bit, just like the old rugs where they used what they had and not everything matched. The background is perfect, like the look of the colors in patches and blocky areas.


  5. I like the red centers. Keeps with the darker background with the chicken with the softer colors.

  6. Hi, Saundra,
    I love your chicken rug. The background is wonderful. Personally, I like the flowers slightly different, which I think is your most recent version. I guess I never like match-matchy :)

  7. Lauren you are a HOOT! Leave it to you for a great come back. Luv ya gal!!!!!

  8. What do you mean comeback? Are you doubting my veracity? I am HURT!


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