Sunday, March 30, 2014

Granny Geometric Update

A year ago, if, someone had told me I'd be this far along on the rug I'd never have believed them.  It actually looks like it will really could be completed before going to Woolley Fox rug camp in May. WOOHOO.
For the heck of it I started hooking a third row of border to see if I want two rows or three rows of hooking.  It is hardly noticeable at the bottom because only a couple inches in length was hooked, plus when I was spreading the rug out on the floor for the photo my hand got caught in the wool strip and pulled out some loops.  At first glance it looks like 3 rows would frame it better so just might continue all the way around.

Think I'll continue hooking on this for at least the rest of the evening instead of moving to the penny circle mat. 

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. You go girl! It is looking great.

  2. it really is coming along, love the colors!

  3. You are super hooker! Looks great and getting close to being done. I'm sure this one will really feel good to finish!
    Hugs :)

  4. Saundra that is going to be ( and already is) a gorgeous rug! The geometrics are my favorites! It does get tedious sometime hooking the same motif but the change in wool colors helps! I cheer you on and enjoy every loop!!
    Cathy G

  5. You're making great progress. I think the third row will work

  6. I love it! So glad to see it coming to life!

  7. Saundra,

    Guess I am one of those hookers who is not a fan of hooking a geometric rug. Nothing to me is more boring. I think I would end up with an unfinished one, so I just never start one.

    It's not as if I don't have a plethora of other rugs to hook. Need to figure out who to will all my patterns to as I will never get around to doing all.


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