Thursday, March 27, 2014

Granny Geometric Update

A couple more blocks have been hooked on the granny Geo and I'm a little more than halfway done, believe it or not.  Frankly never thought I'd ever get this far ~ even tho it was started over 10 years ago.  Just figured it would be one of those projects started and put on e-bay or given to the thrift store for someone else to finish.  But it actually seems as tho I will finish it.  I think the encouragement from you folks has inspired me to keep on going on, thank you all for that encouragement.
You may also notice that I have done the pre-binding sewing of two rows of straight stitch and one row of zig zag.  I'm unsure if I'll do one more row hooking on the border.  But if so it won't make a huge difference in the excess which will be turned under the binding.  And it does look like it may need another row of border hooked to frame it better.

And yes, I have also worked a little more on my hooked penny mat and will show you an update on that tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great evening and all your snow has melted.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    I love seeing the progress on this rug!!
    So admire all of you talented ladies who hook rugs! I so want to be one of you someday!! Thank you for sharing! I like the penny one too!
    Warm Hugs~

  2. Saundra !
    I do believe you will finish this in the not-to-distant future. Yeah for you!!!
    Hugs :)

  3. I just love the geo! The colors, designs, everything about it! So close, so so close to seeing this thing finished. You go girl! :)

  4. It is looking great. And a big kudos to you for finishing a project you started that long ago!!

  5. Just noticed that I'm intrigued with the way you hook your rugs from one side to the other. I seem to skip all over when I hook....not that it matters...just a fun observation :)


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