Monday, March 24, 2014

Going Around in Circles

Yup, finally started hooking the penny rugette/mat, the pattern of which was posted the other day.  I'm using only worms in the circles as #8 cuts are no longer my favorite cut to use and I've plenty of them to rid myself of.  For the background and border I have cut some #8.5 to add to the already small collection of wool strips in that size.

Were you wondering which type of penny rug I would hook from all that eye candy I posted?  My plan was to keep you in wonderment as to what my final design would be until now.  Hey, just remember that circles and hit and miss cannot be copyrighted so PLEASE feel free to copy what I've done IF YOU WANT.

Sadly I didn't accomplish nearly as much hooking as I'd hoped but you will get the idea.  Plus, my gentle hooking curves at the corners of the design have taken a life of it's own from what I drew as that was just a guess.  But that is how the hooking took place and is okay since a gentle curve is what I was looking for anyway. Plans are to do at least one more row of border around and perhaps two ~ won't know until my hooking continues.  Sure do like the curved corners tho.
In case you are wondering how I went about hooking this mat, here is a close up.  I first hooked AROUND the circle with the background colors, then drew lines with a felt tip pen to show a general idea to follow for hooking in the colors or bland colors.

I would love to see your rendition if you plan to take on this fun project.  If you have a blog it would be fun to see your post of what you do.  If you DON'T have a blog but would like to share..... I would be excited to have you send me your photo and I'll share it on my blog along with my slow update.
Hey, that would be fun to share projects hooked by others ESPECIALLY by newbie hookers.  Gals and Guys.... I was ALSO a NEWBIE hooker.  So whatever questions you have or feelings you have I've also had them.  We all did.  Now I'm wondering if I want to hook on the geometric to post an update tomorrow or continue with the 'going on Circles' rug.

Hugs to all and I'm wondering if winter will EVER END????  Is this the winter that just keeps on giving and giving and giving?  I think so. 


  1. Looks great and you are almost 1/4 of the way done. I'd say that's some progress. Love the way you are hooking the circles. I may have to steal that idea!
    Hugs :)

  2. Very cool! I really like your colors.

  3. I love how you hooked your circles ! Even more primitive, I haven't started to hook mine yet...have some painting to do, but I do have it all drawn ....

  4. Loving how you are hooking your circles.Someday I am going to give this a try.Enjoy your day.Be blessed,Jen


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