Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Rottweiler named Ben

My handsome Ben had his annual physical yesterday afternoon and he is in perfect health for a 6 year old big dog.  He had all his shots, free of heart worms according to the test (thank GOD) and purchased more Heartguard for my boy's continued health for the next year.  This is a photo from November 2011 while working in the front yard and pre-playground.
This was the first of three visits I made to meet Ben.  I wanted to be sure about him before bringing him to my home since I'd had a disastrous short adoption of Bella previously.  When I pulled up he was tethered to a tree so he wouldn't run off before my arrival.  When I got out of the car I said, "Hi Ben, I know you but you don't know me yet".  The owner let him loose, I petted him and gave the sit command.  Here he is looking very sheepishly which I've since realized is an affectionate look.  Even now he will drop those ears peer into my eyes and slowly and longingly lick his lips.
Here he is in November 2011 before he had a fenced in playground and I wanted him with me while I did yard work.  Look at that handsome boy.
When I adopted Ben he weighed about 120 and when I took him in for his first wellness exam (right after adoption) the vet suggested I get his weight down to about 100.  Ben didn't look over weight and was handsome even then.  Last visit to the vet he weighed 103 and I was quite pleased with that as was the vet.  Yesterday the scales were at 99.6.  Here is a photo of my handsome dude relaxing in his playground.
This was Ben's favorite toy which had 3 different sounds when the noise box was squeezed.  Ben would twist his head from side to side each time the tone changed.  It was his favorite until he killed it.  Once the sounds stopped he lost interest.  I looked everywhere for one just like it but not to be found.
WHAT?  Yes, I do feed my boy well, and yes he does get treats in his Kongs and for good boy deeds and also monitor his intake of calories.  I was concerned he was under 100 pounds but the vet said he was a healthy active Rottie in summer and to keep on doing what I was doing.

When I make a salad Ben will hear me washing the Romaine lettuce and will com running into the kitchen grab his goodies.  He also likes the bottom hard part of celery, the cut off ends of zuchinni, cukes, broccoli, and of course carrots and sweet potatoes.  They are all healty for dogs.  But please remember that the following foods are NOT good for dogs:  onions, chocolate, raisins, grapes, banana peels, and when in doubt do  a search to find out if it is good or bad.

Sorry to bore those of you who are not dog people, but I just had to gloat about my sweet boy Ben.  I got very lucky with him and I think he with me too.  You CAN get a good dog thru pet adoption.  And you CAN get a sociable dog who likes people and other pets even if they are considered a dangerous breed.  I believe the majority of problem dogs come from not getting socialized properly, abuse (mistrust issues), and training or lack of. 

Have a great evening.



  1. He is a very beautiful boy, Saundra!

  2. How handsome is Ben! And I heartily agree it is the owner that sets the tone for the dog. My daughter adopted a pit bull while she was in college. He was the sweetest dog, but she spent a lot of time when he was a puppy working with him. She also always kept him on a leash when in public because she knew people were nervous around him. The only issue we had was when he wanted attention he would come up to your chair and put his paw on your arm. Man that was a heavy paw.

    Many happy years to you and Ben. I see a new rug in your future.

  3. What a beautiful boy indeed. So glad he found you!

  4. what a handsome glad you found each other...

  5. I feel the love you have for him! He looks happy and loved. Doggy Hugs, Kat


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