Tuesday, January 27, 2015

American Sewn Rugs

This new purchase just arrived today.  I first got a look at it when in a class with Ali Strebel as she had taken a copy to show us.  Ali also taught us how to do all those old rug making techniques depicted in the book and which our foremothers did many years ago.

A photo of the front cover.
A photo of the index or contents of the hardback book.
And there are several pages of beautiful examples of antique rugs with close ups of the various types of shirring, yarn sewn rugs and many other techniques used back then.
Then I sat down and started reading about how rugs were used then. Most of us oldies have learned they were used as table covers or bed rugs (bed spreads known today) and not until the turn of the 19th century were they used as rugs "under foot".  I didn't want to put the book down but now plan to start all over from the very front of the book and read it cover to cover to refresh my knowledge of the history of hand created rugs.

It was researched and written by Jan Whitlock with Tracy Jamar, if you wish to own a book of your own the ISBN is 978-1-4675-4866-3.

Have a great evening and thankfully there was not much accumulation for me here these past couple days. 



  1. Saundra, I'm so glad that you got spared the storm. We got hit with a good amount of snow and lots of wind and drifting snow but I managed to get to work OK.

    Oh how I love that rug on the first page. it reminds me of a rug that my grandmother had. It was made of rag but I just thought that it looked so rich when I was a kid.

    It never dawned on me that some day I would be hooking rugs.

    I just posted an update of my grandfather rug on my blog. Now I have to honker down and dye some kaki green wool for the uniform. I'm still thinking about what background I should use

    So on this cold windy night, I'm sending you some warm thoughts of satisfying reading your new book.


  2. Not much snow here either. So happy about that.
    That is a wonderful book, isn't it? I just did what guys do with Playboy...looked at the pictures.
    Hugs :)

  3. Sounds like a great book!
    Glad you didn't have a severe bout of the storm, hugs to dear Ben! Blessings to you!

  4. Hope this works and I get this comment in my email.

  5. gosh must look out for this book! thanks for the heads up : )


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