Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hannah's Hen and Great News

The great news will be at the end of this post.  And any of you sneaks who scroll down to the bottom now without reading all the way thru are those who open a book and go straight to the end to find out what happens before finishing a book. I know who you are ;~) 

Here is what has been accomplished on Hannah and like Lauren have been wasting a lot of my time doing other things.  I've no excuse since I am home all day.  But a good hour of my time at one stretch was on the phone today.
There it is again with the squiggly looking linen.  Happens every time I try to take a higher pixel photo.  Here it is again in another setting.
Below are samples of the wool I've been using to hook Hannah.  The top three colors are being used in the following ways:  #1 is used one row for the very outer edge at top and bottom and will be mixed in the ground color.  #2 is used along the inside curve line toward the center background and mixed in the ground color.  #3 is at the top of the center  closest to the light background.
The center red texture and a variety of other wool, including worms is being used for my chicken.
The third row includes the lights as the background; the 3rd color I'll name #3 and #4 is the stripe texture. 

Okay, now to identify the colors for those of you who may want to know.  I'm quite confident that ALL of these colors came from Betsy.  I only went thru two years of samples to get the names and some are so much my favorite that I remember the name.  Some she may have in stock now if you wish to order. 

So there's the list:  #1 can't remember the name, #2 Granny Apple; #3 Irish Eyes (which I ADORE).  I didn't know that I loved it to hook with until I tried her bag sale when she had it. 

The bottom row of wool the first two lights and the third light I don't remember the name.  But #3 is Mashed Potatoes which is an old yellowed aged look already.  I used it in my Cat's Meow pattern both as is and also gave it a dirty bath.

#4 I used for the one row holding line on the left and right of the rug so it would blend in with whatever hit and miss wool I chose for the end border.  After all it has a little gold, red, green.....whatever.

Okay, so now to my good news (for me) of the day.  I now have my comment notification back.  I thought it was a Blogger problem and tried over and over to reset my e-mail address to receive the comments directly into my personal e-mail and nothing worked. 

I'm sure you're wondering what's the big deal here.  But since it is nice to be 'hands on', especially with newbie hookers with a question, it was impossible for me to respond without that instant communication.  Some people might ask a question about a post I'd made two weeks ago but unless I started checking all the comments on all my posts I'd not know about the comment.

Anyway, long story short (uh, did I just say short?)  the problem was with my Comcast mail server.  I was on the phone today for over an hour with 3 different people until finally someone of knowledge was able to help me. 

As it turned out Comcast security had put a filter on thinking all those messages were spam.  And it would have been okay if I could find them in my spam folder but they took the filter a little further and made it so my spam folder would be deleted immediately instead of staying there for ME to decide if it was spam or not.

So pals, if any of you are experiencing not getting comment notification, check with your mail server to see if they are filtering your mail.

Have a great evening everyone.  I'm making chili and can't wait to fill my belly with all that goodness in this chilly weather.



  1. love your colors and good for you I still have issues but I have yahoo so not sure what is happening.

  2. Now that great news to having your comments go to your email like it should. It must have been the word "hooker" that sent them to filter your mail... hehehe...

    Your Hannah chicken girl is looking grand.
    You got a lot done even though you spent part of the day on the phone.

    It's nice to see the plaid and what they look like after hooking. It gives good texture.

    I've been working on another project and had to ignore my rug again for a while. Such is my life.


  3. Saundra,
    You just make me so jealous. Hannah will soon be another finish. What's next, may I ask?
    I want to be like you when I grow up - super hooker.
    Hugs :)

  4. lovin' your chicken!
    bravo, on getting your problems corrected!

  5. Yay for notifications! Keep hooking, she's looking good.

  6. I like your combinations of reds, coming out beautifully.


  7. Colors look great together!!!
    Have a great weekend!


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