Saturday, January 17, 2015

Murphy's Law

A couple years ago during the hottest part of July my AC went out and had to have a brand new heat pump installed to the tune of maybe over $3,000.  Ben and I suffered for a couple days until we could get relief.

Well guess what?  Now I've no heat ~ Hey ya'll it is winter here.  This is my heat source right now.
I have a heat pump with propane second stage furnace, expensive heat but much warmer heat than the heat pump produces with frigid temps.  They work in tandem so when the ground air gets below 39 degrees all the heat pump would give me is cold air.  Therefore I had to have a second source of heat ~ propane furnace. 

Called my serviceman today who came, worked on the unit for quite a while.  My furnace is 18 years old and could not be is dead and he showed me why.  If I keep it and do Band-Aids there might be a fire.  So it is time to replace it. 

AH, so you are thinking.... what about the heat pump?  Nope, it won't work either since they work in tandem and heat pump sends a signal to the furnace that it is too cold out here for me to heat her house.  So it won't work either.

Ben must feel my anxiety because he will NOT leave my side.  I was on the computer (he was in this room by my feet), I went to the living room to take a picture of the space heater and he would not leave me.  So this is the picture I took.
And yes that is a propane fire log fireplace you see to the left.  Uh, Murphy's Law again.... when I turn it on the smoke alarms go off.  Even had the service man look at it too and he doesn't understand why it is happening.  So my man Ben is my guardian. 

Yes, there is an issue with him with wanting to chase cars which drive fast.  But  that is his only issue.  I want to tell you that adopting him was a most wonderful thing.  He makes me feel safe even tho he doesn't bring in any income to help pay for all this.

I've put an electric blanket on the bed under the quilt, it is plugged in and will turn it on when I go to bed.  Have closed all the doors to upstairs and rooms nearest outside walls which I don't use so what heat is built up with the space heater can be saved in the living area.  Not to worry, I'll turn off the space heater before I go to bed.

I will close my bedroom door because this side of the house will be warmer than the bedroom area, another outside wall on two sides.  Brings back memories of when my brother and I stayed with our grandfather on occasion.  Pop-pop only had a wood burning heating and cooking stove in the kitchen downstairs.  OH, plus no indoor plumbing, only a hand crank pump in the pump room.
My brother and I would sleep upstairs without heat but would be swallowed up by a feather mattress and thick blankets and quilts on top.  I doubt we could even have moved during the night with the weight on us.  When we awakened we would run downstairs like we were being chased by a mad wolf to put our butts close to the stove to get warm and await fresh eggs and bacon or scrapple that he had made.

Have also my hoodie sweatshirt and turtleneck ready to go tomorrow so there is no looking for clothes to wear while in the cold house.
Thank you GOD for temperatures slightly warmer tomorrow and not in the teens like we've had.  So Ben and I will survive this. Didn't get more leaves raked today since I've been so busy and tomorrow is rain so no leaf raking.  NOR, did I get my runner finished.  But at least it gave me something to b!#ch about and keep me from stressing too much about no heat or what my allergies might be.
Have a great weekend and hope you accomplish more hooking than I have achieved the last few days.


  1. Oh Saundra, I can so relate to no heat. Remember when the cold hit with the big snowstorm and we had no electricity and no stove to cook or keep us warm! I was dress in layers upon layers and chilled to the bone. I was also chilled to the bones this week with -27°C temperature for 4hours and 15 minutes and trust me. I can relate.

    Good old Ben doesn't want you to stress alone so he stresses with you. Get some warm soup in you to warm the bones.

    Having to replace a new furnace is expensive and the life span on appliances is getting shorter all the time.

    I wish you could come over to warm up by the stove.

    Now is the time to wear your woollens.
    Try to stay safe and warm.

  2. Oh the joys of home ownership :(. So sorry to hear about the problems but no sense in risking a fire. May you have heat soon.
    Warm hugs :)

  3. Ugh sorry! You and Ben can snuggle tonight. I remember as a kid when the power went out, we closed off rooms and all stayed in one. As a kid I thought it was so much fun and couldn't imagine why the adults were so upset. I get it now.
    I hope you get heat soon

  4. Glad you have Ben to share the adventure with...and that it's not the coldest night of the reading childhood memories...

  5. We had our furnace replaced this past fall. It is very expensive but at least we have peace of mind. We have the beast in the basement (woodstove) to keep us warm most of the time and when we lose power are very thankful for. that electric blanket will feel so go tonight.

  6. Please be careful with that heating blanket! Most are made to be on top only and not covered up by other blankets. 😉

  7. I am so sorry about your heating situation. I don't understand heating in the north. Our heat and air is one unit. We use wood heat also. I believe the warmest bed is using a down comforter they keep you snug. If you were close I would let you borrow mine and my omni heat long johns.

  8. Not a good time to lose your heat, I hope you can get a new one soon. I hate to think if ours went, not an expense I need right now.


  9. Good ol' Ben. Gosh what would we do without our furry ones? Hope you and Ben are soon warm again.

  10. Home ownership is one of those never ending expenses. Hope the heater issue is resolved soon.

  11. What a trooper. I find the occasional reminders of the luxuries of our modern day conveniences make us stronger and wiser. Hehe. If at a minimum nostalgic as you recall simpler times with your pop-pop. But you got got me at scrapple. I grew up with it for breakfast and leftovers for sandwhiches. And when we moved to Maine was tickled to find it in the grocery this far North. Sorry for burden of an unexpected expense. Keep warm., you and sweet Ben.

  12. Sorry you are having such heating problems! Just pile some wool on the bed!!

  13. Saudra, I hope you will have warm comforting heat soon. Might have to take all your wool off the shelves and cover up with it !!

  14. Your old furnace seems to have been so efficient, sadly it's impossible to have it repaired in any way. I know it's hard to face the cold weather without it, but at least you have Ben to cuddle with. In any way, thanks for sharing that, Saundra! All the best to you! :)

    Henrietta Fuller @ Bri-Tech HVAC

  15. That old furnace has served you for a long time, but it’s good that you were able to finally replace it. It’s good that you survived those moments with minimal sources of heat. I hope your new furnace will serve you well for the years ahead. Say hello to Ben for me!

    Lane Pemberton @ Metcalfe Heating & Air Conditioning


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