Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Hannah Dilemma

Well, actually it is MY dilemma with hooking Hannah rather than Hannah being the problem.  Perhaps the reason I air my dirty laundry  is to show you newbies that even seasoned hookers have hooking issues.  Or at least this one does, and being self taught am not ashamed of my hesitation.

I wanted Hannah to be a mixture of reds since she is going in my kitchen as that color makes me happy in the morning.  In yesterday's post there were a few pieces of wool under consideration for the background.  With a few more loops pulled and changes managed to get part of Hannah hooked so some background could be hooked in to see.

Here are those two sections below.  Lighter to the left and darker to the right.
Here is that picture of those options posted on yesterday's blog.
The initial color planning was to use one or the other of the top two wools as the background.  Then a mixture of two or all of the wool at the bottom for the ground color and elsewhere.

My concern was that the wool on the right would be too close in value with the ground green.  But that wasn't my only concern.  Hannah needs to have a noticeable wing.  I'm still not sure the value is different enough for it to show up.  Will just do it "one loop at a time".

Even now looking at the colors on my monitor of the background don't know what I'll do.  However, I'm leaning toward the lighter color on the left as it will work better with the ground colors I'd chosen. 

Hey, ya know what.... this is a journey and entertainment for me so it ain't over til the fat lady sings.  I can hook loops, pull them out and put something in it's place. 

This is a great design by Woolley Fox and can be found on the "keeping the Past Alive" folder.

Have a great evening.



  1. I like the lighter background, too.
    Hugs :)

  2. I know nothing about primitive hooking but I kind of love the wool on the right and I would even use some of it in the wing. Just my 2 cents' worth.
    I'm anxious to see how you'll solve your dilemma.

    Have a happy hooking weekend.

  3. I do like the shade of the right, darker color and how it brings those colors out of the reds, but so hard with photos. I know you will pick the perfect one, you have a knack for color choices. I started something today and have ideas, but I am sure I will place too many values in the wrong places, lol.


  4. Just received Barbara Carroll's book in the mail today, American Folk Art Rug Hooking . I see why you love her rugs and patterns. I can't wait to read and get started on one of the projects. The eye candy in the book of rugs and antiques are awesome. I can't wait to see your rug finished. I Love chickens.

  5. I have problems with any background that is not dark...

  6. I can't help because I'm terrible at mixing wools. But you always get it right.


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