Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Moving On

Cherries and Candy Stripe is bound and on my harvest table, finally.    Soon I plan to add it as a pattern on my web site.  My grandson gave me that little bird house he painted for my birthday 3 years ago and I love it.  I told him it would not go outside as I wanted to see it every day.
Then after getting heat in the house yesterday and excited about what I'd hook next had a fleeting thought of taking a mini detour.  Thought I'd like to hook this Polka Dot Heart pattern since next month is Valentine's Day.  It is one of the designs I drew for Polly Minick for her hooking class in France last year.  But since I didn't have any blue and white herringbone wool to pull off the pillow ticking look had to change my plans.  Poo!
This is the latest book by Polly Minick which has Polka Dot Hearts and  several other free patterns as well as a DVD included.  Click on Polly's link if you wish to purchase the book.
Then it was back to plan "A" ~  hook Hannah's Hen by Woolley Fox.  I've pulled wool for the hen but what I've hooked so far looks too dark to me.  Went to my worms and found a lighter texture which you see draped across the left.  Now I'll have to see whether mixtures work or go all lighter. 
Please forgive me for not responding to each of you individually when you comment, as I'd done in the past.  Blogger is no longer sending me the comment notification even tho I've updated the e-mail address over and over.  I've sent Blogger messages of my issue and inquired on the internet as to the fix but no help.  Each of your comments is special to me and I do read them; but responding is made more difficult by not getting the notification.

Thankfully I have heat and the house is warm.  Just in time for the snow and chill down on the east coast.  Have a great evening and be warm.



  1. Your Cherries and Candy Stripe rug looks like an antique. Way to go, girlfriend.
    Hugs :)

  2. Love your Cherries and candy stripe it is just charming!
    glad you are cozy and warm

  3. I love how the rug looks on the table, perfect piece with the red tones. I think I will have to do rugs a bit at a time, the last one really killed my hand, so no more non stop hooking.


  4. love how it looks bound and on your table!

  5. Your rug turned out looking wonderfully old! It looks perfect on your harvest table. Glad to hear you are nice and warm. Lori

  6. I didn't know that you designed for Polly - that's awesome!

  7. Saundra, the candy stripe rug looks like it has found it home on the harvest table.
    Sweet little bird house from your thoughtful little grandson.

    Like Gayle said, it's awesome that you design pattern for Polly Minick. You are full of wonder.


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