Sunday, January 4, 2015

Update on Cherries and Candy Stripe

This mat should be further along than it is, I really have had a hook in my hand a lot too.  Problem is I've watched some movies which were so interesting that unless you watched (not just listened) you missed something important in the movie.  So I had to keep looking at the TV, sometimes rewind and watch again since what happened next didn't make sense.  Yup, I'd missed something in the video not the audio.

Oh, another reason more isn't hooked is that I'm also working on the binding of Olde Ducks so share my time a little here, a little there.  Here's my accomplishment so far.  Oh my but I'm getting the look of a worn blotchy antique that I like so much.  This is going to be awesome on my harvest table.
And already have decided what to hook next.  That's where some of my time has gone too.....looking thru my stash of patterns to decide what is next.  So I've chosen Hannah's Hen (a Woolley Fox design) as I've had that pattern for a few years now. 

There were other designs in the running but some I'm saving for either May class with Barb or for Cape May in September.  Besides, I've measured the pattern and there is a special place on the wall in my kitchen where it is destined to go. 

Today was rather balmy but that is about to change drastically; it will soon be in the 20's at night and my stage 2 more expensive heat will kick in. 

Have a great evening.



  1. I do that sometimes too, get caught up in something on the tv and either stop working or make a mess, lol. I also think taping makes it worse, I have to stop and fast forward too much;) Love what you have done so far.


  2. Love the colors!! How wide is it?

  3. We are getting ready for single digit cold also !!
    Love how your rug is turning out ;)

  4. Wow, you did well for multitasking on this rug... It's looking great.

    Here we go from cold to warm and back to the deepfreeze. Today we had a snowstorm and some freezing rain. It's harder to keep warm when we get older.

    I'm feeling better today after 5 days of being sick. I worked my two shifts a day at the farm even while sick and I went to sleep once home. I didn't need to sleep during the day for the first time today since I've been sick.

    Stay warm and cosy.

  5. Such a wonderful rug. Your colors are amazing as always. On New Year's day I watched old Betty Davis and Joan Crawford movies now that is true movies.

  6. I love that piece. I haven't hooked in days. In fact I have a new pattern sitting about 2 feet from me and I haven't even thought of touching it yet. My furnace ran steady all day. Brrrrrr

  7. What is stage 2 heat? Is that something to do with electric heat? A necessary evil!
    You sure are making an old looking rug. I wish I could come by and get a color planning lesson from you!!!
    Stay warm, my friend.
    Hugs :)

  8. I am finally able to comment on blogs and I haven't done a thing different! Wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. Give Ben a kiss from me.


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