Saturday, January 10, 2015

Oh My What a Mess

This is a recurring event with me in my wool room.  A MESS!!!!!!!!!!  No room on the shelves so there is wool on the floor.....
...wool and hooking related things on every flat surface other than the floor and even draped across a chair back.
And there really must be some intrinsic emotional problem with me because I just ordered two yards of Cranky Lizard from Betsy.  Figured I'd better order it now because it is one of my favorites to add to my primitive black background and had used it all up.  Well that is except for the half yard I purchased in November at camp with her.   Since it is a favorite to many am sure it will be gone in a flash.

Now, you see that one clean spot where my cutter sits?  All the wool you see piled up on 2 flat surfaces below the table was where the empty space is.
However, I had an order for two patterns, one I had on hand (Domestic Zoo) but Auntie Peanut had to be drawn.  Domestic Zoo is so large and most hookers what their patterns NOW, so always keep one of those drawn and ready to ship.  Since there was no open drawing space on my drawing/cutter table had to clean if off to draw Auntie.  So the patterns are in the mail now and it won't take me long to make a mess of that table again.

I'm getting close to being finished with my adaptation Cherries and Candy Stripe and will need to clean up the room before I switch to the new rug on my frame.  My plans are still to hook a pattern I'd gotten  from Barb a few years ago.  Actually I've a few patterns purchased while at a WF camp so should start hooking those instead of drawing my own adaptations since they are instant gratification.

Tomorrow I'll show you an update to Cherries and Candy Stripe and hope all that would require is doing the binding.  Then it is clean room time and start pulling wool for Hannah's Hen.

Have a great weekend and hope you are staying warm.



  1. Glad someone else's room is messy beside mine. It was used also for wrapping the holiday presents so got the huge tote that holds all the wrapping paper in here that needs putting away.

  2. So hard not to have a messy wool room.
    UGH! I got Betsy's mailer the other day and Rebecca's today. I may need to get a part time job to support my habit.
    Hugs :)

  3. I think you have me beat on the wool piles, lol.
    I need to reorganize mine so I can see what I have and what I might need for dying this year.


  4. Debbie, my intentions were not to be a winner here, lol.

    Okay, I've tried again. Thru Internet Explorer I opened up my blog and deleted the settings with my e-mail address to receive comments into my personal e-mail.

    THEN, I opened Google Chrome, opened up my blog and entered my e-mail address in the appropriate spot. Let's see if I am lucky enough to get the comments back in my e-mail.

  5. Well Saundra, I'm glad that I'm not alone at having a messy hooking room. I tidy up and it last about a day or tow and it's the same old mess again. Can't find what I'm looking for because I can't remember where did I put it when I organized it, lol...

    What does that Cranky Lizard wool look like? I picture some kind of murky green in my mind.

    I hope my comment goes int your mailbox.

  6. Ha,ha! What a familiar site. Stack it all nicely, then pull it back out:-))

  7. I'd feel right at home there...


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