Monday, January 12, 2015

Good News, Bad News

The good news is I cleaned my room....sorta.  Not as much as it needed but good enough for now.  There is still a lot of wool I need to use to make room for that sitting elsewhere. 
BUT, that small clean up enabled me to draw out another Domestic Zoo as I just sold one and like to have one on hand ready at all times.
The bad news is that Cherries and Candy Stripe isn't done yet.  Knowing today would be rainy needed to do some leaf raking yesterday ~ there's still many more man (woman) hours of leaf raking to clear around my home.

This is as far as I've gotten on Cherries and Candy Stripe.  I'm so looking forward to finishing this as I want to clean my kitchen and put this on the harvest table.  Loving how this is turning out.
Have a great evening everyone and please be kind to one another.  Kindness is contagious.

Thanks to all my followers who keep reading.  I love getting posts but for some reason I'm not getting the comments sent directly to my e-mail.  So unless I go to my blog and check the comments don't know what was asked or commented on. 

All comments and questions are welcome.... newbie or older..... there is NO stupid question.  Trust me when I say I've asked all of them.   So, if you have a question you can find my e-mail and ask a question or post it on the blog. 



  1. I can make you feel better if I show you the mess in my den. Rumour has it there is a sofa in there but I can't see it. I really need to sort out the wool pile. I'm ashamed :(

  2. My sewing room is a mess and most of my wool is in bins for now. I love having my wool out where I can see it and know what colors I have and what I am running low on.


  3. I am having wool envy and rug envy.
    I started cleaning my wool room...again. Just a short while ago it was all organized and then I started a rug. I just can't keep it clean! You know the feeling.
    Somehow another evening is gone and I haven't picked up the hook. Darn me.
    Hugs :)

  4. Oh, if that wool would only reorganize itself we could get lots more hooking done!

  5. Your room looks good to me! I ordered more wool from Rebecca today and I have no idea where it will go! I'm pretty much out of room in our little house. Your cherries and candy stripe is turning out wonderful. Looks very much like the antique rug. Lori

  6. Learning lots as a novice hooker from you ladies! But I have to chuckle....someone brought in a huge stash of wool to give away at our hooking group. So I managed to pick through the left overs and bring home an arm load. It went immiatly to wash and once cleaned it lay piled on the chair in the stitching room for two weeks. Just folded it all this weekend. I will be nipping that bad habit in the bud!!! It does feel good to organize and reorganize; you get see what you have and remember what you forgot. :) looking forward to getting some hooking done this long weekend.

  7. I adore your Cherries and Candy Stripe rug. (Just the name alone is fun !)
    I'm ordering wool today from Rebecca. Not yet sure where I'm going place it - but I MUST have it ! Lol

  8. Cleaning and organizing a wool room is no easy task!!!
    It takes a long time to do and a short time to undo!!
    I'm loving the colors in your rug!!!

  9. your room is looking marvelous!!! I need to clean & tidy up mine now ~

  10. Oh Saundra, haven't you heard that a woman's work is never done? Well, a hooker's room is never tidy, her rugs are never all whipped and bound, and her work is never done either.

    My hooking closet is a nightmare.

    As soon as I take out wool and frame out, the whole room gets all messy in no time. What gets me is that I still can't find where I've put this and that. It's supposed to be organized but... I still can't find what I'm looking for.

  11. I'm right here following you, even if I just lurk and don,t comment...
    You're keeping busy that's important !!


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