Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Another Rug Show

My cable has been out ALL DAY!!!!!!  That is Comcast which includes phone, TV and internet.  Mama was NOT happy but at least it just recently came back so will resort to my rug show posts.

OH, and if the cable being out all day isn't bad enough, the comments coming directly to me from my blog is no longer working.  I've tried re-setting but still is not working. 

Another blogger told me that sometimes some of the messages get to her but not all. Well NONE are getting to me.  So I'm wondering if anyone knows how to remedy this OR if you know a way for me to transfer my posts to another venue without losing my content from this blog.  Read THAT Blogger staff.

Some of the rugs I'm posting may not be antique but is a rug show nonetheless.  Am always looking for rugs to replicate.  This is a nice antique that I sometimes just scroll by but is worthy of posting.
Not sure this is an antique and don't know who hooked it but it is awesome.  If anyone knows who hooked it I'd gladly give credit.
OMG, I've held this one back from ya'll since I've had a hankering to replicate this myself.  Oh well, all is fair game with antique rugs and hookers.  I love this rug but wouldn't want to hook it at a camp since I would want to replicate it ~ not change it.
A nice rug and has a realistic look of the chiseled face, delicate but strong legs and large body.  Just love the deer who visit my property but then I don't have a garden.
Cannot remember where this photo came from but I've named it 'lion from catalog'.
 Another antique lion rug.
This one I've recorded as 'Montreal Museum Queen of Scots'.  That's all I know but it surely is beautiful.
Okay folks, it's time for me to get my groove back after not being connected to the 'life line' of internet, TV and telephone.  That's the problem with Comcast when everything goes out.  Gee, do you think all their subscribers will get a credit for over 9 hours without service?  Huh?  Ya think?  Didn't think so.

Have a great evening and try and stay warm during this Big Freeze.  Sure hope my stage 2 propane furnace back up keeps me warm.  Right now I'm only at 65% full and will have to order more when it gets to 30% to be sure delivery is here when I need it.



  1. Lion from catalog. You are too funny. I love that second lion rug!
    Another evening almost gone and I still haven't picked up the hook...sigh.
    Hugs :)

  2. Are you getting some notifications of comments but not all of them?? Some email addresses have become temperamental with blogger. Yahoo addresses are one of them (and I can't remember the others right now). The comment appears on your blog but you don't get the email, right?

  3. I am just loving the last pic with the bird nest ! Those rich caramel colors just can't be beat.
    It is going to get REALLY cold !

  4. I love that last rug too and the colors are just perfect.

    Sorry about your server going out on you. In this cold weather it's not surprising that it would go out of commission.

    Keep on hooking. I'm not sure when i'll be able to find the time to hook. Can you believe that I just sat down after 9:00 pm tonight.

    I hope that you can keep warm. cuddle up with Ben. He'll keep you war.

  5. Wonderful rugs and love the deer one the most.


  6. Technology....a blessing and a curse! Great rug show. I love birds, but the floral in the big blue pot is my favorite.

  7. Thanks for the rug show. Love the floral in blue vase. Was it typical years ago to have a different background in a spot, is that what quilters call 'making do'?


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