Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Honey's Are You Bored YET?

Today I made some wonderful turkey rice soup (left over broth) and salad greens will be my dinner.  Am definitely looking forward to the soup.  Okay, you know what I'm having for dinner now on to my hooking.

Sorry if my updates on the same project over and over gets boring.  But since my daily life is redundant all you have to do is send me a post HERE to give me suggestions on what you would like to see me write about.  Actually have been thinking about doing a dye project with wool and recipe that Betsy Reed mentioned at rug camp this past November.

Okay, here comes the boring part.  This is what I've accomplished thus far in hooking Cherries and Candy Stripe. And, it is for my harvest table  NOT the floor so am using a compatible colored cotton fabric binding.  The dimensions of my piece is 13.5" x 34.5".
Either planning or by accident on placement of color, this is the original antique I am replicating.  The original was 30" x 75".  But I DID choose to do a dirty darker light than the gold as the alternate stripe in the original.   Remember tho, SHE used what she had.
Have a good evening and hope you are staying warm.  Oh my but the wind chill will get ya!

Warm Wool Snuggle Hugs.



  1. I'm not bored, just feel guilty. I haven't picked up my hook in weeks :(

  2. I'm not bored, just envious...
    Your colors are more to my liking than the original.

    Turkey and rice soup tickles my fancy. My carcass is still in the freezer waiting for me to make soup. I also have a ham bone and some ham in the freezer too to make pea soup.

    I also have hooking envy, hahaha.

    The cold has made our farm work harder and more intense these days.

    Stay warm and keep us satisfied with your hooking.

  3. I like your colors better, the antique colors are perfect.


  4. I, too, like your colors better and never get bored seeing your progress.
    A dye project sounds like a wonderful post!
    We are supposed to be at 1 degree by morning. That is too dang cold for me, but anything below about 60 is cold for
    I love that Julia's carcass is in the freezer. That's probably how she feels when heading to the barn ;)
    Hugs :)

  5. I always love to see your progress. Your soups sounds warm and lovely. I made roasted vegetable soup I have to say it was amazing. Keep posting your progress

  6. Perfect soup weather...I will be right over:-))
    Loving that rug. I always enjoy seeing your progress.

  7. Lets see if this message comes to me in my e-mail since I reset the function putting my address in twice. Cross your fingers.

  8. First try didn't work. Test 2. Oh, and I cannot get rid of that 'I'm not a robot' thing!%#! Even I have to respond and it is my blog. %#*!#

  9. I love this rug! I also enjoy all of your antique rug shows. I have my eye on an old duck rug on Pinterest I keep waiting for it to show up on your blog! Last night was potato soup and mexican cornbread at my house. Its even cold down in Georgia!


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