Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

Wishing all my cyber friends a happy and healthy 2015.  Also hoping you accomplish as much hooking or punching as you desire and that all of your loops are perfect.

I sewed on the label for Magdalena's Folk Art Horse.  If you double click the picture it will enlarge.  And if you would like to know how to make your own label click HERE.   Furthermore, if you are wondering about frames, cutters, etc. just type search words in the small box at the top left of the blog.  In the event you have a question that may not have been covered, please let me know and I'll do a blog post about it.
Have started binding Olde Ducks and already have a label made for it so will attach it to the back of the rug once binding is complete and pressed again.
Have a great afternoon.



  1. I'm glad you are having a productive day. Somehow I've wasted the entire day but I did pull wool for my next project. Well...I pulled most of it months ago but haven't done a thing with it. Choosing wool is SO HARD for me.
    Happy New Year.
    Hugs :)

  2. Looks like you have been getting some nice finishes for today, always a good feeling when the binding is done and the label is on.


  3. Happy New Year! Working on an afghan, which I am excited about first. Hooking and stitching on a bye right now.

  4. Thanks for your comments. For some reason I'm no longer getting your messages sent directly into my mail box to make it easy to respond individually. I've tried re-setting what I thought was the faulty spot but still none of these came to me directly.


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