Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Close to the Finish Line

Well, maybe not the final finish line for the binding part.  But all that is left now is the candy stripe and one corner on the antique adaptation Cherries and Candy Stripe to be hooked.
For such a small mat it seems to be taking me forever to finish this piece.  Maybe because I want it on my table so badly but also dang dentist/doctor appointments.  Oh, add in the ice laden roads so longer travel time to and fro.

Tomorrow I've another dental appointment in the morning AND an allergy test in the afternoon.  More on that tomorrow.  Amazing the changes the body and immune system makes thru the years.  I just might be allergic to a an item on the healthy food chain.  Hope it isn't so.

Have a great evening everyone.  My boy Ben is to my left side snoring and his feet are wiggling.  Hope he is having a nice dream.



  1. You're really zipping along on this rug. I wouldn't say it took you for ever. On the contrary. I think that you did this one rather quickly.

    It looks great.

    I'm not a fan of dentist and I even hate more to pay their ridiculous bills than the pain itself.

    Good luck with both appointments tomorrow. Stay safe on the road.

  2. Good luck with tomorrow's appointments.
    I bet you'll finish your hooking by tomorrow! Love it.
    Hugs :)

  3. I really love the shades you used, I would think it was an antique if I saw it in a shop.


  4. Wow Saundra! So close to the finish and it looks so awesome! I have one that's right at that stage that I wanted to have done by Christmas... well end of that story! LOL!! Maybe by Valentines but that's not looking good either!
    Hope you have good results with the testing... yep I agree this ageing with all the Dr.'s visits etc. is taxing to say the least! Hang in there! Give Ben a hug!
    Hugs to you to Saundra!!
    Cathy G


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