Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Good and Bad Day

The first 'good' news is that I played with wool and gave some a tea bath in anticipation of my black kitten mat.  This is some of the wool up for task.  The very top wool had already been given an onion skin or tea bath some time ago and will be used sparingly in parts of the rug.  The two pieces of wool on either side of the cat picture were 'as is' wool and the tea bath pieces of that wool is just below them.  The textured wool just under the kitten's picture is also tea dyed but didn't feel like pulling out a large piece from my shelf to show you the minimal difference. 
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be ready to  pull a few loops on the kitten and plan to use some of the as is wool before tea in the rug as well as wool from my worm baggies.  I'm getting SO excited.

Other GOOD news is that my riding mower can be used and the vibration of the motor had wiggled the spark plug connection loose.  The repairman said that when it was assembled the guy might not have pushed it on until it clicked.  He hoped that the rest of his service calls today were as easy to fix.  So I'm good to go with grass cutting tomorrow with lower humidity.

And now to the good and BAD news.   Comcast technician came this morning to assist in giving me a better internet connection so I won't get the pop ups saying 'internet not connected'.  The technician swapped out the old modem and gave me one which has two connections; 2.4 and 5.  One will give me faster service and the other for distance.  He said the other modem was not nearly as good as this one.

Now to the BAD news.  He was a big muscular guy and he leaned back on the office chair and don't know what the hell he thought this chair was ~ a lazy boy recliner?  He fell backward, kicked off the sliding tray which holds the keyboard and popped out the bolts/screws from the base of the chair and loosened the other two.  Yeah, I'm sure you are chuckling at the thought of a hunk of a guy falling backward.

Remember this photo?  This is what my computer chair looked like before after I'd hooked the arm pieces.
This is what it looks like now.  He put back the slide table and keyboard but the note pads are still on the floor as is the chair pad which fell off.

Here you can see how the bolts popped out of the base of the chair.  This was a tilt back chair but now to the pressure of his relaxed mode leaning back with his muscular torso.
I sent a picture of the damage to my friend who stays here while I'm at camp and told him this would be on his list of things to fix.  He said it can't be fixed and that I should file a claim.  Yes, I've filed a damage claim with Comcast and hope they help cover the cost of a new one.  Don't want a leather one, don't want to take advantage of them, just want a functional chair back.

Oh well, life would be boring if it weren't for hills and valleys we encounter each day would it.  Frankly I'm looking forward to a little 'coasting' for a while.

Have a great night and don't forget it isn't too late to join me in the black kitten playtime. 



  1. You really inspire me to hook again, and it is something nice I can make for friends who do not hook, maybe some small mats this year.


  2. Uhmm, I am not seeing a bad side here. Your lawnmower is fixed AND you had a muscular, hunky man sprawled at your feet. I would kill for that. LOL

  3. This must have been an hilarious scene just the same. If someone is to break your chair, might as well be a good looking muscular hunk heh! hehe.

    I'm sorry about the lawn mower, the internet connection and the chair but it makes for a darn good story...Things breaks in threes so you should be OK for a while.
    Sleep soundly.

  4. I love the wools tea dyed! That poor man I feel for him and the chair. Hugs cheri

  5. Hope Comcast steps up to the plate. I am sure the hunk was horrified. I do love your cat project.

  6. Well, your internet provider should take the fault from what they did to your chair. Here is some more info on Ways to avoid a bad day for anyone interested.


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